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7 FREE hosting for your website

7 FREE hosting for your website:

✅ Google Firebase Hosting
✅ Netlify
✅ Render
✅ Surge
✅ Vercel
✅ Cloudflare
✅ GitHub Pages

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Google Firebase Hosting. 1

Netlify. 1

Render. 1

Surge. 2

Vercel 2

Cloudflare. 2

GitHub Pages. 2

Google Firebase Hosting


Firebase is a platform developed by Google for creating mobile and web applications. It was originally an independent company founded in 2011. In 2014, Google acquired the platform and it is now their flagship offering for app development.


Netlify Logo

Netlify is a San Francisco–based cloud computing company that offers hosting and serverless backend services for web applications and static websites.

Netlify is the fastest way to build the fastest sites. Used by 800,000 web developers and businesses, the Netlify platform provides modern build workflows, serverless functions and a global Application Delivery Network to deliver the most performant, secure and scalable websites and applications.


Render Cloud Application Hosting
7 FREE hosting for your website

Render is a unified cloud to build and run all your apps and websites with free TLS certificates, a global CDN, DDoS protection, private networks, and auto deploys from Git.


Surge Hosting

Surge is a cloud platform for hosting static websites, which is extremely simple to use but offers customization options for those who need them. Their generous free tier permits unlimited publishing, using custom domains, and basic SSL, with more features available through the professional plan.


vercel Hosting

Vercel (formerly known as ZEIT) is a cloud platform that enables developers to host websites and web services that deploy instantly, scale automatically, and require no supervision



Cloudflare, Inc. is an American content delivery network and DDoS mitigation company, founded in 2010. It primarily acts as a reverse proxy between a website’s visitor and the Cloudflare customer’s hosting provider. Its headquarters are in San Francisco, California.

GitHub Pages

7 FREE hosting for your website GitHub Pages

You can use GitHub Pages to host a website about yourself, your organization, or your project directly from a repository on

7 FREE hosting for your website

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