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9 things you need to know about e-commerce

9 things you need to know about e-commerce

How to Learn eCommerce Online

(Syed Abdulwahab Shah)

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An introduction to eCommerce for beginners. How do you go from novice to an eCommerce expert?


How to Learn eCommerce Online. 1

How to Learn E-Commerce. 1

What is e-commerce?. 1

How to learn e-commerce online. 2

  1. Take an excellent e-commerce course, or take more than one course if needed. 2
  2. Learn how to create an e-commerce store. 2

Advantages of creating your own store: 2

Essentials for creating your own store: 2

  1. Learn how to sell on Amazon: 2
  2. Learn eCommerce SEO. 3
  3. Learn to sell on Facebook. 3
  4. Learn to sell through Google Ads. 3
  5. Develop the ability to sell. 4
  6. Keep visiting popular e-commerce blogs. 4
  7. Learn Email Marketing. 4

How to Learn E-Commerce

Ten or twenty years ago you had to study up to advanced degrees to learn e-commerce, but now everything has changed, now you can learn e-commerce even without advanced degrees. But if along with this if you also do a degree course from a regular university then it’s great.

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce refers to doing business digitally. Like a person builds a building with bricks, then makes shelves in it, then takes goods from the market and puts them in this store, then the customer comes, and takes the item he likes by paying the shopkeeper.

E-commerce is the name of doing this business digitally. That is, a person creates a website, then designs the website in the style of an e-commerce store, then uploads original images of various products, along with all the necessary details and price of the product. Then the buyer from anywhere in the world views it, finds out its details, contacts the seller via email or phone number for more information, then buys the item while at the store. , through bank payment, thus the seller sends the item by courier after the order is confirmed, and within a few days the item reaches the buyer.

How to learn e-commerce online

Follow these ten steps to learn e-commerce.

1. Take an excellent e-commerce course, or take more than one course if needed.

E-commerce course should be chosen by an expert who has many years of experience in this field and is doing it practically himself.

2. Learn how to create an e-commerce store.

Although you can also do business through other e-commerce websites, it is important to have your own e-commerce.

Advantages of creating your own store:

One of the advantages of having your own store is that you build your brand and have complete control over your customers.

Another advantage of having your own store is that you get the entire profit of the product and no one else has a share in it.

The third advantage of having your own store is that you can get the best results by analyzing your website and customers.

A fourth benefit of owning your own store is that you have a wealth of visitor and customer data, which you can leverage with targeted advertising.

Essentials for creating your own store:

You will need web hosting and a domain to create your store.

Then you have to install a good theme on this domain and do other settings.

An eCommerce website requires the WooCommerce plugin. The WooCommerce plugin comes with all the built-in features that are essential for any e-commerce website.

3. Learn how to sell on Amazon:

Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace, with billions of dollars in sales.

In order to sell on Amazon, you need to create an account. There are two types of accounts, an individual account that charges a fee for each item sold, while a business account that charges monthly or annually. There is a fixed fee.

There are two popular ways to sell on Amazon. One way is to keep the goods in your possession and ship them to the customer when the order arrives. Whereas in the other method, you send the goods to Amazon’s store at once and Amazon sends it to the customer when the order arrives.

Amazon is a quality online store, which does not compromise on its quality at all. Therefore, doing any kind of fraud or cheating on Amazon has its own losses.

One has to learn how to work properly on Amazon, which has good courses in every language. If you also want to do business on Amazon, you must take this course from well-experienced people in your country.

Selling on Amazon is not as easy and simple as creating an account and starting selling. This is whole knowledge which cannot be learned without courses, long time and huge capital

4. Learn eCommerce SEO.

There is a difference between general SEO and e-commerce SEO. General SEO is easy, while eCommerce SEO is more difficult. In e-commerce you need organic traffic, once your ranking is good then the traffic flow will continue and your business will continue to grow.

In general SEO there is written content which is long and varied, whereas in e-commerce the different things are similar to each other, so it is very difficult to do SEO for each one separately. happens.

5. Learn to sell on Facebook.

Selling on Facebook has proven to be very useful. Where you can sell your ID, pages, groups on a limited scale. And can sell in large scale by running advertising campaign. Selling through advertising campaign is very profitable but you need to know how to create advertisement and target people. I think selling on Facebook is easier than Amazon and Google Ads, there are not as many complications as there are in Amazon, Google Ads.

Not everyone can run an ad on Google Ads or Amazon, while promoting a product on Facebook is very easy, even if you’re doing it wrong, your ad will still run and make quite a bit of profit.

But the best way is to learn Facebook Ads and run an advertising campaign to get more profit with less capital.

6. Learn to sell through Google Ads.

Just like Facebook has reach to millions of people, Google also has reach to millions of people, but as I mentioned earlier, Google Ads is a bit harder than Facebook. But when you’re running a business, you’ll also need Google Ads.

With Google Ads, you can drive traffic to your website, and choose which countries and cities drive traffic to your website.

Google Ads has a very wide network, it not only runs ads on websites, but also on YouTube, and apps.

Similarly, Google Ads also appear at the top of the search engine. Automatically displayed on mobile while searching. The relevant ad itself targets people according to their interests.

There are other Google platforms that you can use to promote your business online, some are free and some are paid.

For example:

On Google Business you can create your complete profile and list products there.

You can also list your product on Google Merchant.

7. Develop the ability to sell.

If you can’t convert your visitors into customers, then even traffic from all over the world can’t do anything. Therefore, developing the ability to sell is also important.

Analyzing your visitors is also important for selling. And it is also important to understand the analysis softwares. One should learn Google Analytics and Google Search Console for analysis. These Google programs provide you with the following information:

How people get to your site.

What pages do they land on?

What pages do they go to?

How long they are on your site.

What pages do they exit from?

If they add the product to their cart.

If they abandon their cart or checkout.

By understanding all these information you can increase your sales.


8. Keep visiting popular e-commerce blogs.

The world does not stay the same, but changes over time. Especially nowadays things are changing very fast. In this case, the knowledge of e-commerce should be continuously acquired. Must be constantly updated. Keep visiting world famous blogs and platforms in this regard. For example

The Shopify Blog

E-Commerce CEO

BigCommerce Blog.

9. Learn Email Marketing.

Developing skills in email marketing is also essential for running an e-commerce website. Email marketing is also a very important part of attracting customers.

Following are the things to know in email marketing.

How to Create an Email List

How to Use Email Automation Software

How to write a good subject line

How to Increase Click Through

How to improve deliverability.

How to analyze campaign results

How to create different campaigns

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