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A Ramadan in the Company Sohbat e Ba Auliya 

A Ramadan in the Company

Sohbat e Ba Auliya

By Maulana Taqiuddin Nadwi صحبتے با اولیاء

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Foreword to the Translation

by Moulana Yusuf Tootla Senior Khalifa of Hazrat Shaigh Zakariyya.

May ALLAH make this Translation beneficial for the entire Ummah and may the lives of people change after reading this Kitaab.

Hazrat Shaigh stated, ‘After my death, reading my Kitaabs, is like sitting in my company while I am alive.’

The Sahabah attained the noble station of Sahaabiyat (Companionship) by merely sitting in the company of Rasoolullah (SalALLAHoo Alaihi Wasallam) for a few moments.

Anybody who sat for a few moments in the company of Hazrat Shaigh felt changed and a yearning developed in his heart.

May ALLAH accept your effort and make this Kitaab a source of blessings for all who read. it. May He make this Kitaab a means for your salvation in the Hereafter.

Foreword to the Translation By Hajee Ahmed Nakhooda

Khalifa of Hazrat Shaigh Zakariyya and Resident in Madinatun Nabi (SalALLAHoo Alaihi Wasallam)

This Book contains the Malfoozat of Qutbul Aalam Hazrat Shaigh-ulMashaaigh. It serves the purpose of sitting in the company of a Wali (Saint). The result will be that the Reader will be blessed with wonderful qualities and love of the Ma’rifat of the Almighty Allah.

May Allah reward the Translator most bountifully for his sincere efforjt at translating this Book and also bless the Readers fully with its Barakaat.

If a person reads a book written by an jvil person, although the contents are perfect, the reader will develop evil habits.

Ahmed Nakhooda


by Hazrat Moulana Sayed Abul Hassan Ali Nadwi Alhamdolillah wa Salaamun alaa Ibaadeehil Lathzee Nastafaa All praise and thanks are unto ALLAH and Peace be upon HIS Chosen Servants.

Just as the blessed month of Ramadaan is a month in which the beginning of the revelation of the Quran is commemorated and is a month in which Divine Mercy, Blessings and the lustre of the Quran is manifested and is a festival of spirituality, worship and obedience, the month of Ramadaan is also the season for the fulfillment of the heartfelt desires of the Gnostics, the Lovers and the courageous, chosen Servants of ALLAH.

This is the month that they wait anxiously for and count the days throughout the year in anticipation of this month. Not to mention the Awliyaa of the past, I have heard of some Saints in our Era who wait anxiously in anticipation of the next Ramadaan immediately upon the sighting of the Eid crescent.

The minute Ramadaan-ul-Mubarak dawns, one witnesses a renewed spirit, lofty enthusiasm and rejuvenated ardour in them. It seems as if they are saying:

‘These are the days we waited for

People are fulfilling the covenant they made with ALLAH.’

And sometimes, in ecstasy and intoxication they chant:

’Give us to drink O’ Cupbearer, the drink that invigorates the heart

For this flower is not harvested every day.’

As soon as the blessed month of Ramadaan dawns, the atmosphere in all the Spiritual Centres and Khanqaahs undergoes a complete transformation. This applies not only to those who reside therein permanently but also for those who have relationships of Bai-et and love with the Shaigh and Murshid.

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