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Abridged Hayatus Sahabah [r.a]

Abridged Hayatus Sahabah [r.a]

By Shaykh Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias

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It is really very hard for the Muslims of today to imagine and much less to bear, or even attempt to bear the hardships that were experienced by Nabi M and his illustrious companions in the path of Allah §!. Books of history are full of stories of their sufferings. It is a pity that we are so indifferent to those events and our knowledge is so poor in this regard. I open this chapter with a story about Nabi M himself, whose name is sure to attract the blessings of Allah H.

Nabi’s^ Journey to Taif

For nine years, since his selection by Allah H for His mission, Nabi H had been delivering the message of Allah §1 in Makkah and making all-out efforts to guide and reform his community. Apart from a few persons who had either embraced Islaam, or who helped him though not accepting Islaam, all the rest in Makkah left no stone unturned in persecuting and mocking him and his followers.

His uncle Abu Talib was one of those good-hearted people who, in spite of his not entering into the fold of Islam had helped him. The following year, on the death of Abu Talib, the Qu-reysh got a free hand and therefore increased their persecution without anyone to support and protect Nabi M.

At Taif, the second biggest town of Hijaz, there lived a big clan called Banu Thaqif. Nabi M left for Taif with the hope of

winning them over to Islam, thereby providing a sanctuary for the Muslims from the persecution of the Quraish, and also establishing a base for the future propagation of Islam. On reaching Taif, Nabi |§ visited the three chieftains of the clan separately, placed before each of them the message of Allah ||, and called upon each of them to stand by his side.

Instead of accepting his message, they refused to even listen to him, and not in keeping the famous Arab hospitality, each of them treated him most disrespectfully and rudely. They plainly told him that they did not like his stay in their town. As they were the heads of the clan, Nabi M had expected a civil and friendly treatment and due courtesy in speech from them.

But one of them sneered: “Hey, Allah Ta’ala has made you a Nabi!”

The other exclaimed with ridicule: “Could Allah not lay His hand on anyone else, besides you to make him His Nabi?”

The third one mockingly remarked: “I do not want to talk to you, for if you are in fact a Nabi, then to oppose you is to invite trouble, and if you only pretend to be one, why should I talk with an impostor?”

Nabi M, who was a rock of steadfastness and perseverance, did not lose heart over this check from the chieftains and tried to approach the common people; but nobody would listen to him. Instead, they asked him to clear off from their town and go wherever else he liked. When he realized that further

efforts were in vain, he decided to leave the town, but they would not let him depart in peace and set the street urchins after him to hiss, to hoot, to jeer at and to stone him. He was so much pelted with stones that his whole body was covered with blood and his shoes were clogged to his feet. He left the town in this sorrowful plight. When he was far out of the town and safe from the mob, he prayed to Allah thus:


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