Al-Qamoos Al-Ma’anun

Al-Qamoos Al-Ma'anun Al Qamoosul Manoon القاموس المعنون اردو عربی انگلش
Al Qamoosul Manoon القاموس المعنون اردو عربی انگلش

Al-Qamoos Al-Ma’anun

القاموس المعنون اردو عربی انگلش

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Arabic language is a living language. It has the ability to keep up with the weather. There are those who understand and speak this language in every region of the world. Learning and teaching the Arabic language and literature is a religious and human necessity because the Holy Quran, which is the last message of Allah to humanity, is also in Arabic. Arabic language is not only the language of livelihood but also the language of prosperity. Spreading this language is our religious duty. Madrasas Arabia and contemporary universities have an important role in its promotion and dissemination. Arab-Indian relations are very old and the imprint of Arabic language is very much on the languages here. India has always had a connection with the Arabic language. Important books were written here in Arabic and Madrasas Islamia specially organized its education and learning. Besides Urdu is our national language while English is an international language. In view of the importance of these languages, the commentary book “Al-Qamoos Al-Ma’anun” Al Qamoosul Manoon has been written in which these three languages have been combined. This book is compiled by the Honorable Mufti Hazrat Ali Sahib Fazil and Specialist Jamia Farooqia Karachi. It has been translated into English by Honorable Mufti Ziaur Rahman Sahib. This book is an excellent work on its subject. By reading this book, a person who knows Urdu can learn Arabic and English, a person who knows English can learn Urdu and Arabic, and a person who knows Arabic can learn Urdu and English. We pray to Allah Ta’ala to accept these services of the author in His court and to increase his merits. amen

Al Qamoosul Manoon

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