What is B2B Digital Marketing and how to do it?

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10 Skills for B2B Marketing.

  1. Become a B2B Marketing SEO Expert.
  2. Build your LinkedIn network.
  3. Try LinkedIn paid advertising.
  4. Use Twitter to build relationships.
  5. Run an introductory campaign for your brand.
  6. Issue industry related updates and newsletters.
  7. Create a YouTube channel.
  8. Run Google Ads.
  9. Partner with other companies.


B2B stands for: Business to Business Marketing. That is, companies that provide their services to other businesses and companies for marketing purposes.

Today’s article will tell you what is the difference between B2B and B2C (marketing to consumers) and what are their strategies.

What is B2B digital marketing?

B2B (Marketing to businesses) digital marketing is the method of marketing in which one business markets its business to another business. That is, a company advertises itself to other companies rather than to general consumers. In simple words, the target is not the general consumer but the target company.

B2B Marketing vs. B2C Marketing

There is a fundamental difference between the two.

  1. B2B targets decision makers and B2C targets individuals.
  2. B2C marketing targets individuals. While B2B marketing targets companies’ decision-making people, the goal is to make companies their customers.
  3. B2B marketing is very difficult because the goal is to get companies to become customers and this is a very difficult task, but once a company becomes a customer, it stays a customer for a long time.
  4. While B2C marketing is easy, you can target people quickly, but these people don’t become long-term customers and only buy things once or twice.
  5. Long tail keywords are used in B2B marketing. While in B2C high volume keywords are used.
  6. B2B marketing is supported by expensive paid advertising. While in B2C low paid ads also benefit.
  7. The most accessible social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram are best for B2C marketing. While LinkedIn is great for B2B marketing.

9 Skills for B2B Marketing

1. Become a B2B Marketing SEO Expert.

A study found that decision makers of any company use Google search when looking for products. So if you are a B2B marketer, you need to be an SEO expert so that your website and incentives come up at the top when companies search on Google.

Companies don’t just rely on search, but after the search, they are well satisfied through discussions, meetings and meetings. So all these things should be in your consideration, how you will handle this whole matter.


B2B Digital Marketing For Beginners LinkedIn B2B Statistics
LinkedIn B2B Statistics

2. Build your LinkedIn network.

LinkedIn is a very important social network for B2B companies. This social network is designed for companies, institutions and professionals.

Networking on LinkedIn is crucial, because according to LinkedIn, 80% of all B2B marketing leads come through the platform.

There are not only users but decision makers on LinkedIn According to a research 63 million decision makers are on LinkedIn.

3. Try LinkedIn paid advertising.

The way to market on LinkedIn isn’t just to build a network. Rather, you can also market through advertisements. In these ads you can also target based on education, profession etc.

4. Use Twitter to build relationships.

There are a huge number of decision makers on Twitter, you need to use Twitter to build relationships with these decision makers.

It is not enough to just create an account on Twitter, you need to tweet frequently on Twitter.

Follow the decision makers on Twitter, and then check their followers and try to increase your contacts that way.

5. Run an introductory campaign for your brand.

In any business, the first step in getting someone to become a customer is introducing your brand. The customer first wants to know your brand. Brand introduction is not just about showing your company name and logo, but also about what you want to give to people.

Introduce the brand in B2B marketing by all means. LinkedIn is a platform where the business mind comes to, so it is easy to introduce the brand here. For example, a person who is opening Facebook is not necessarily looking for a brand, they may be opening Facebook for news, videos, and entertainment. But the person who is opening LinkedIn must be opening it for some business activity.

6. Issue industry related updates and newsletters.

A newsletter is very beneficial before and after someone becomes a customer. Your newsletter should not only contain content that will encourage someone to become a customer, but the newsletter should also contain informative and useful content, so that the reader is informed and engaged with you.

But it’s also important to remember that B2B buyers are busy people who don’t read long emails, so your newsletter should be short.

7. Create a YouTube channel.

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, and people from all walks of life spend some time on YouTube as well. Therefore, you should also have a YouTube channel where you target B2B buyers through videos and introduce your brand and benefits.

You can create tutorials based on the introduction, and how-to of your products.

Do good SEO of YouTube videos so that they can get a good position in the ranking. Use the best keywords, detailed descriptions, and topic-related titles and tags.

8. Run Google Ads.

Remember, when decision makers do research, they start with Google. SEO can also help you reach more decision makers, but Google search ads can help you reach more decision makers. Use great keywords in your ads, and use catchy words.

9. Partner with other companies.

Partnering with other companies opens up new possibilities for you, and you get to learn a lot of things you may have been ignorant of. Before partnering with someone, you must determine the goals of the partnership, so that you can achieve those goals after the partnership.

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