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E-Commerce SEO For Beginners

Introduction to E-Commerce SEO (For Beginners)

(Syed Abdul Wahab Shah)

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If you plan to start an online business, or have recently started an online business, that means you are new to the field. And if you have also created your own online store, then today’s article is for you. Apart from general SEO, this article will tell you how to do SEO for particular e-commerce or online store.


Introduction to E-Commerce SEO (For Beginners).

What is eCommerce SEO?.

What is the difference between general SEO and online store SEO?.

Why is SEO important for an online store?.

Is just the rush to the online store enough?.

The biggest benefit of SEO?

A list of things that SEO must do.

  1. Do Technical SEO:
  2. Keyword Research Settings.
  3. Improve website structure.
  4. Home page.
  5. Categories.
  6. Product page.
  7. Checkout page.
  8. Blog.
  9. Of-Page SEO.
  10. Marketing.

What is eCommerce SEO?

E-commerce SEO, which you can also call online store SEO or shop SEO, is a term used to optimize an online store for search engines. You can also call it the rules that by applying your online store or shop can rank higher in Google search engine.

What is the difference between general SEO and online store SEO?

Not much of a difference, but there are definitely some additions to eCommerce SEO compared to regular SEO.

For example, category pages are not so important in normal websites, but the category is very important in online stores, so creating categories in online store SEO is essential.

Why is SEO important for an online store?

Obviously, you didn’t create an online store for fun or to pass the time, but you want to make money. And you can earn money only when your website gets traffic. Just like in a normal shop, if the rush is high, the money will be more, if the rush is low, then the money will be less. As the famous saying goes:

When it rains more, the water comes more

When there is less rain, there is less water.

You have two ways to bring that rush: One is to invest in Facebook Ads or Google Ads. And the second way is to optimize your website according to Google rules i.e. do good SEO so that Google’s algorithm can show your website higher in people’s search results.

E-Commerce SEO For Beginners

Is just the rush to the online store enough?

The answer is no. Not just a rush, but the desired rush. If there is an accident on the road outside your shop, there will be a lot of rush, but this rush is of no use to you, maybe two or four people will buy from you. , but this rush is not useful.

You want a rush that comes to your store to buy something. Just such an online store doesn’t just want rush, but traffic that comes to buy something. Keyword research is done to solve this problem, using keywords related to your product. It is also an art, which must be understood and learned.

The product name, title, description, and details often use words that are relevant to the product and attract people to it. Interested in the product.

For example, you are selling Shilajit. So you want people who want to buy Salajit, not people who want to buy slippers.

So you will SEO your product in such a way that only buyers will come immediately.

The biggest benefit of SEO?

If you get traffic through Google Ads or Facebook Ads, it brings immediate traffic but it is temporary, as soon as your balance is depleted, the rush is gone. This is not a lasting solution.

The biggest advantage of SEO is that although it takes time to get traffic from SEO, once the traffic starts coming, the traffic is continuous 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. And traffic for a long time. This flow is directed to your store.

A list of things that SEO must do.

1. Do Technical SEO:

  1. Set up Google Search Console.
  2. Create an XML sitemap on the website.
  3. Upload the robots.txt file to the website.
  4. Create short URLs containing keywords.
  5. Improve website speed.

2. Keyword Research Settings

Use only relevant keywords for your store otherwise, you will get traffic but no sales.

3. Improve website structure.

Your website should be lightweight, fast, and easy to use so that the visitor does not face any problems.

4. Home page

The home page of your website should be interesting and beautiful, where all the necessary information can be found by the visitor.

5. Categories

Categorize the different products in your store so that the visitor can easily reach the desired product.

6. Product page.

Every online store has a page called a product page, where all the products of your store are visible. This page also needs to be improved.

7. Checkout page

Each store has a page called checkout. That is, when a customer likes something and wants to buy it, he puts it in the cart, then checks out from there, writes his address, and phone number, and confirms the order by selecting a payment method. This entire process should be very easy and simple so that the customer does not face any problems.

8. Blog

It is also important to have a blog page for an online store so that you can publish detailed articles and informative articles about each product, and use keywords in these articles that will drive traffic to your website.

9. Of-Page SEO

You also need off-page SEO to improve your Google ranking. That is, links to your website are listed as references on other websites and Google’s algorithm ranks your website as a sustainable and good website.

10. Marketing

Don’t rely on SEO alone. But after doing SEO, also market your website. Use all possible methods for marketing including Facebook ID, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Whatsapp, YouTube, and Email Marketing.

I hope you have benefited from this informative article. If your answer is yes, then also comment. And also share this informative article with your friends.


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