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Fazail e Tijarat Trade virtues

Fazail e Tijarat Trade virtues

By Shaykh Muhammad Zakariyya Kandhelvi (r.a)

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At the instructions and wishes of my late uncle, the reviver of tabieegh, Maulana Muhammad Ilayas(R.A), several booklets have already seen the light from the pen of this humble servant. In spiteof my own incompetence, but through the Grace of Allah, and the blessings of the insistence of my late uncle, these booklets have proven to be quite beneficial and they have already been printed in very large numbers.
“O Allah, All praise and thanks areduc to you alone. 1 can never praise You sufficiently. Verily You areas Majestic as You alone can praise Yourself adequately.”
Towards the end of his life, my late uncle laid great stress upon my compilingtwo more booklets: one pertainingto spending inthe pathof Allah and another on the virtues of business. As forspending in the path ofAllah, I have already compiled a book on this subject some time ago. It has been printed underthe title: FAZAA-ILSADAQUAT.However,asforFAZAA- IL TIJAARAT, I have, in spite of his insistence, not been able up to now to comply with his wishes. He expressed his wishes for such abooklei time and again during his illness, during which time I frequently had 10 visit him in Delhi (Nizamuddin). During that time, because it was near the end of the Madresa year where my lecturing on Bukhari Shareef in Madresa Mazahirul Uloom, Saharanpur, I was forced to continuously return to Saharanpur. This meant that neither could I settle in Delhi nor in Saharanpur. It often entailed me having to stay for two or three days in De Ihi and two or three days in Saharanpur. 1 have already explained this in my introduction to VIRTUES OF HAJ and in VIRTUES OF CHARITY.
Because of his wishes, a treatise was actually written and a rough draft prepared. In accordance with my well-known style, it consisted of a few chapters, some stories by way of illustration and a conclusion/ chapter. The draft was presented to him but because of his severe illness, he could not listen to it and suggest some changes to the shortcomings and inadequacies, so that the final draft could be prepared according to his satisfaction. Unfortunately, because of his illness, this was not to be.
He indicated that the manuscript should be placed before some of his colleagues in the field of tabieegh, who in their deliberations should discuss its merits and draw attention to any faults or shortcomings. This was done, although itwould have been so much better it he himself could havedone that.
After from presenting the manuscript to some of the late Maulana’s friends, lliey were so involved and busy, being pre-occupied with his illness, that every time Ihey were asked for the corrected manuscript, the reply was that they had not yet completed the proof-reading thereof. During this time Hazral Maulana llyaspas^d away. May Allah fill his resting place with blessed light and grant him a lofty place in the hereafter!
Thereafter, 1 also beeameso involved with my lectruing in Mazahirul Uloom, Saharanpur, theadministrativeafTairsofthcAAafrMa and the writing ofcommentaries on various classical /farfrc/A works etc., that no immediate attention could be given to this work. For this I am extremely regretful. Now, since I have been residing in MadinahMunawwarahfora couple of years, the involvement with Madresa affairs is no more. However, I have myself been troubled with severe ill-health and for about five years, 1 have been vi
continuously quiteill. Everytimethe wishesof my dear uncle come to mind, Ihave been feeling greatly disturbedat not havingcomplied with his wishes.

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Now for the last few months my illness is of such a degree thai I have
not been able to perform any educational and religious services, but because of the worry atnot havingcomplied with the wishes of my uncle, today, on the evening of Wednesday the 7th of Zil Hij 1399, in theMasjidelNabawi in Madinah, I have had the work restarted. I have no hope of completing it myself, and have asked my dear friend, Maulana Soofi iqbal, who has written down many of my works one my dictation, and from whose hands many of my books have been published, to complete it, should! fail to do so. However, the spiritual attentions of my late uncle were present andAIhamdullil/ah I was able to dictate it to the end.
The original text prepared during the lifetime of Maulana Ilyashas
been forgotten and those Ulamawho were presented with it, have all passed
away and the manuscript has been lost. But may Allah see this work finally
printed so that it may be added tothe righteousdeedsofMaulanaflyas. This
booklet, which thus had to be rewritten, has for the sake of barakat, been
commenced with a chapter on halaat Earnings from BEHISHTIZEWAR BY
MAULANA ASHRAFALITHANWI. (May Allalifillhisrestingplace with noor!).
Madinah Mtmawwarah
Maulana Muhammad Zakaria.


Once again I feel honored at having been able to provide a simple English translation of a booklet by Shaikhul Hadeeth, Maulana Mohammed Zakaria R. A. The Sheikh is no more with us, but the benefitsofthe fruits from his pen continue to reach us as it also reaches us through this booklet “Fazaail Tijaarat”, which I translate as “Virtues of Merchandise.”
This booklet is of special significance to me personally, not only because of the value of its contents and the advice it gives, but also because the Sheikh himself had handed a copy to me in Makkah with the wish that it also be translated. We once visited him in Makkah in 1987 while he was quite ill. The printed Urdu booklet had just been received from Pakistan. In spite ofhis illness, Sheikh told oneofhisclosefriendsto hand us acopywith a desire for its translation.
One regrets that such a valuable booklet should only be placed before ihe Muslim public after such a longtime. However, we hope that others will lerivc benefit from a perusal thereof, htsha Allah.
Vusuf Karaan

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