Few Ecommerce Store Mistakes

(Syed Abdul Wahab Shah)

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Few Ecommerce Store Mistakes.

Mistake #1: Duplicate content.

Mistake #2: Little content.

Mistake #3: Bad URL and Title.

Mistake #4: Ecommerce Store Not Being Mobile Friendly.

Mistake #5: Not creating a product schema.

Few Ecommerce Store Big Mistakes

The purpose of an e-commerce website is to earn by selling your product. And to earn, website popularity and Google ranking improvement is essential. Improving Google ranking requires excellent SEO. If the SEO is not optimized, it will also affect your income.


Mistake #1: Duplicate content

Since the same type of product is being sold by several online stores, their content is also similar across these online stores. Rather, small e-commerce store owners copy and paste all the content. Duplicate content hurts Google SEO. This is a mistake that is difficult to correct but not impossible. You have to write some unique content for your product. Similarly, videos or images must be uploaded by yourself, description, title, etc. must also be written uniquely so that your store is different and unique from other stores and can get a place in Google ranking.

Mistake #2: Little content

Another mistake made on e-commerce websites is to keep the written, or image content of any product very low. For example, just a title, a one-line description, and a price.

This is a huge mistake, as such short content becomes difficult for Google to understand. In this case, Google shows a website higher in the search that it understands easily and quickly. Because the purpose of Google search is to show people what they want, when you don’t write a detailed description, how will Google understand whether the searcher needs it or not.

It is very important to avoid this problem on an e-commerce store. Whenever you post a product, write a detailed description of it, highlight every aspect of it, the more you write, the more likely it is that Google will rank your product well.

Mistake #3: Bad URL and Title

Another mistake that is made on e-commerce websites is not focusing on the URLs of the products. It doesn’t look like what the URL is. For example

www.yourstore.com/product=198636?some code/8542

Looking at this link does not reveal what it is a link to. Therefore, it is important to avoid creating such links.

You can create links like this for example


Now by looking at this link, everyone can easily understand that this is the link of Shilajit, and a very short link that can be remembered.

Similarly, while writing the title of any product, be sure to write the name and type of the product in the title. Although these things may seem trivial, they are very important in store SEO.

Mistake #4: Ecommerce Store Not Being Mobile Friendly

In today’s era, majority of net users use internet on mobile only. There are very few people who use computers or laptops. Especially the common people only use mobile phones. Since the laptop screen is bigger and its display is more diagonal, i.e. it is longer from left to right. While the screen and display of the mobile phone is different, i.e. it is longer from top to bottom.

Therefore, it is very important that your store theme and website are mobile friendly, so that people who view it on mobile will automatically open your website according to their mobile screen.

Mistake #5: Not creating a product schema

One of the biggest mistakes on an e-commerce store is that you don’t create a Schema for your product.

Schema displays all the important details of your product in a perfect order in Google results, such as title, description, price, rating and anything else you want to display.

When so many details of a product appear in Google on one click, the CTR, i.e. the probability of clicking through, increases.

Another benefit is that your link looks professional to the viewer, and they definitely visit once.

The third advantage is that when Google knows the details of a product, it ranks it better.



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