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What is Off Page SEO & Five Tricks For Off-Page SEO

Five Tricks For Off Page SEO

What is Off Page SEO & Five Tricks For Off-Page SEO

The difference between off-page SEO and on-page SEO is that on-page SEO is what you do on your page and is under your control.

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While off-page SEO is what happens outside of the page and is not completely under your control. An important factor in off-page SEO is the links that other people place on their websites. That is, when other people link to your website as a reference to their own website, it is off-page SEO.

Some people do this artificially. That is, they create, or request, links to their website on other websites. This artificial method used to be very profitable, but now Google’s algorithm has become very intelligent and it recognizes such artificial work, which in turn causes harm instead of benefit.

Now the Google algorithm doesn’t even give importance to likes and shares. So for off page SEO we need a lot of effort. Copy paste will not work. So a lot of hard work is required. Write a unique piece of research on any topic so that others can use your website link as a reference on their website. This is the real way, but it can take months or even years to get there.

Here are Five Tricks For Off-Page SEO

  1. Your writing and content must be very effective to get links. The more effective your writing is, the more people will use it as a reference in their website.
  2. You write on other websites and link to your website as a reference. Many people do this and it used to be very useful, but now Google does not give such priority to the link given in such pop posts, but still where you If the website you are posting the link to is a powerful website then you will also benefit.
  3. Request to provide links

Some people take the approach of emailing the owners of big websites and asking: Please link to my website in one of your posts.

Such requests are usually rejected, but there is no harm in trying, maybe two or four of your fifty requests will be accepted.

  1. Some people do this by linking to other people’s websites on their website and then informing the owner of that website that we have linked to you on our website, and you can also link to us on your website. Give
  2. Link building through social media

Although in Google’s eyes posting links on social media does not increase your ranking because all social media links are no-follow links, which means the search engine ignores it.

But still sharing on social media is not without benefits, social media can be taken full advantage of to drive traffic to a new website.

Your website’s ranking also plays a role in the comments people make about your writing, product, or service, especially if these comments are on Google Business, Yelp , and trustpilot .

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