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Fundamentals of Classical Arabic

Fundamentals of Classical Arabic -Volume 1-

By Shaykh Husain Abdul Sattar

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All praise is due to Allah (0$), Creator of the universe. Peace and blessings be upon His final and noble messenger, Muhammad (j§&).
Traditionally students of sacred knowledge began by learning the tenets of Arabic verb conjugation. Each independent lesson was mastered before a teacher allowed students to advance. Once proficient, students then focused on the principles of Arabic grammar.

I was blessed to attend a school of religious learning in Pakistan that still employs traditional methods. My instructors studied under sincere teachers and carried themselves with similar devotion. Furthermore, they led their students, step by step, along a trail softened by fourteen hundred years of scholarship. Although I was able to spend only a few years in the company of such guides, my progress was rapid. Such is the fortune of the debris that manages to land itself on a rapidly flowing, pristine river.

Few Arabic textbooks in English are modeled after traditional Islamic educational methodologies. In this book, I have combined the notes and resources used by my teachers to present an overview of Arabic verb and noun conjugation. Inshallah (God willing), future volumes will address other principles of classical Arabic grammar.
My fear in compiling this work is that I have soiled a pure chain. My teachers sacrificed their lives, wealth, and families to achieve perfection in their respective fields. I was permitted to sit in, and eat from, their vast gardens despite my obvious deficiencies and lack of commitment. This is the mercy of a teacher toward his student. I pray that Allah (0t) overlooks this last link and allows the seeker to benefit from the devotion of the great scholars of the past. Please pray for me, my teachers, and all those who transmitted this tradition from one generation to the next.
A servant of the scholars
Husain Abdul Sattar
Safar 1423 -April 2002

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