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What is generation engine

What is Generation Engine

(Syed Abdulwahab Shah)

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A few years ago, we used to hear that very soon there will be a technology that will work like the human mind, but its speed will be thousands of times faster than the human mind. And this technology is called AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence. Then, as we see, the use of AI started to spread in every sphere of life, until now in 2023, after the advent of Chat GPT, the discussion of AI technology has become so common that now everyone knows about its usefulness. But the world that the general public is becoming aware of is outdated for scientists and they are currently working on some other technology.

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What is a generation engine?

While we are lost in AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence, scientists are working on another technology that is even more advanced and more than half done. And that technology is the “Generation Engine”.
Just like in ChatGPT you provide some information and he writes you more information and detailed articles about it, Generation Engine gives you all the details of your next previous generation in front of you.

What is a generation engine

Generation engine and past

The Generation Engine will tell you your entire history of the past ten thousand years, where your generation goes through your ancestors, where you lived in ancient civilizations, and what civilization and region you belong to. Is. Where did you live ten thousand years ago, where did your ancestors live nine thousand years ago and who were they? How many kings have passed in your generation? How did they die, what diseases did they have and what are the diseases, virtues, defects, habits, etc. that have been passed down from generation to generation?
Where did you live five thousand years ago, which tribe were you a part of three thousand years ago, from which region did you migrate to which region two thousand years ago and what was the reason for this migration? Had to leave the area? What feats have you accomplished in history?
You have heard from your ancestors that you are a Rajput, Aryan or Syed, is this really true? This generation engine opens up all the information and your complete historical history in front of you in ten minutes.

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Generation Engines and the Future

All of the above is part of the generation engine that exposes all of your past information to you. But what’s even more amazing is that the second part of this generation engine is about your future, what’s going to happen to you physically until you die. Which diseases will you get, and which ones will disappear, and which disease will take root in your body at what time and that disease will be called your death.

How does the generation engine work?

You must be wondering what kind of engine it is and how it works. Actually, the Generation Engine is an AI-like software, in which all the information that has been obtained from DNA so far is recorded and new information is being added every day. If you want to know all this about yourself, you should get your DNA test done on this website
To be uploaded, this engine analyzes your DNA and generates a report, and puts your ten thousand-year histories in front of you according to the information obtained from your DNA.

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What is a generation engine

How does the Generation Engine know the future?

In fact, the entire history and history of a person is present in human DNA, like when we use Google Facebook, all our search history is stored with Google and Facebook, in the same way Allah has placed the DNA inside a human being. Not only our history is stored in it, but all the history of all human beings since our generation is also stored in our DNA.
Similarly, in our DNA there are some cells that are currently dead but there is a time for them to come back to life, those dead cells come back to life in due time and start destroying our body from the inside. Like at some point we die. Those dead cells start to damage someone’s liver and someone’s heart, someone’s stomach, someone’s brain and so on.
But scientists are researching about these future diseases, in which there has been some success, for example, which diseases you will get at what time, but there is still no complete information about these dead cells, which is accurate. It is possible to predict when a person’s dead cells will wake up.
By uploading your DNA on the website given above you can get all the historical information, so don’t try to be a Sayyid anymore, this engine is capable of telling the origin with full arguments. This information is not completely free at present, some information is free while others require a fee.



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