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Guidelines for a Hafiz – Hints on Similarities By Ustaadhul Qurraa Qari Banda Ilaahi

Guidelines for a Hafiz – Hints on Similarities

By Ustaadhul Qurraa Qari Banda Ilaahi

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Anyone who has knowledge of Deen knows what a rewarding and virtuous act it is to memorise the Noble Qur’aan, not only for the Hafiz but for his parents as well.

Rasulullaah p is reported to have said: “The parent of a Hafiz will be made to wear (such) a crown, the brilliance of which will outshine and excel that of even the sun”. When this is in store for the parents, one can imagine what will be in store for the Hafiz. Rasulullaah p has mentioned in another Hadith that it will be said to the Hafiz (on the Day of Judgement) “Go on reciting the Qur’aan and continue ascending the stages of paradise, your final abode will be where you reach at the time of the last Aayah (verse) of your recitation”. Such are the blessings for the Hafiz and his parents. But this is not all. A Hafiz will be honoured to intercede on behalf of ten of his family members (who are destined to go to Jahannam). The virtues of a Hafiz are therefore many and great.

The Qur’aan also has another special feature. Memorising it is simple and forgetting it is not difficult. While children of young age commit the entire Qur’aan to memory, yet after completing it, when a Hafiz tends to neglect (the recitation of) the Qur’aan, then in a short space of time one forgets the Qur’aan. To memorise it again becomes very difficult.

In another Hadith Rasulullaah p is reported to have said, ‘A Hafiz should be careful about the Qur’aan. I swear by Him in Whose hands is my life, that the Qur’aan escapes from the hearts more rapidly than do camels from their strings’ [Muslim]. Therefore, the Huffaadh should deem it necessary to recite the Qur’aan daily.

It is the bounty of Allaah Ta’aala that even in today’s corrupt environment, not only young boys have the desire to memorise the Qur’aan, but even girls have shown a keen interest to do so.

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