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Hajj And Umrah Made Easy

Hajj And Umrah Made Easy

By Shaykh Mufti Shabir Qasmi Translated into English by Mufti Afzal Hossen Elias

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Many kitaabs have been written regarding Hajj and Umrah, some on the virtues, others regarding the method, and others regarding the du’aas to be read. All have invaluable information and substance. This booklet, explains the Hajj and Umrah in a simplified form. lnsha-Allaah, the reader will feel as though he / she has already begun the journey to the Sacred Lands, by reading this booklet. We have outlined, in here the complete details, i.c. from the time one leaves home, until the return.


Prior to leaving home it is Sunnat to perform two Rakaats of Salaams Safar. In the first Rakaai one should read (after Surah Faatiha), Surah Kaafiroon and in the second Rakaat one should read Surah Tkhlaas. Alternatively, one may read Surah Falaq in tlie first Rakaat and Surah Naas in the second. After the salaam, prior to one leaving one’s abode, one should read Aayatal Kursi and Surah Quraish. InshaAllaah, one will have no hindrance or trouble on the journey. One should also make du’aa to Allaah Ta’ ala to make the journey easy.



When one is about to leave one’s home, then the following du’aa should be read. lnsha-Allaah, one will be safeguarded from shaitaan and enemies, and every

difficulty will be made easy.

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