High Status of the Hafidhul Quran

By Shaykh Abdur Rahman Kauthar

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All praises are for the Pure Allaah Who has revealed the Qur’aan, has illuminated the hearts of the Huffaadh with it and granted them a special status as part of His family. It is also He Who grants them the ability to recite it and to disseminate it. How blessed are these people on whom Allaah has bestowed these magnificent bounties! It is by these bounties that they enjoy honour and an extremely high status.

May Allaah also shower His special mercies and peace on His final prophet Hadhrat Muhammad p on whom the Qur’aan was revealed and who was sent as a prophet to the entire universe.

May Allaah also shower His special mercies and peace on our leader Hadhrat Muhammad p whom Allaah had selected to convey His message and whom Allaah had blessed with extreme honour and marvellous grace. It was also his honour that Allaah secured a pledge from all the other Ambiyaa ,*-»**> to have faith in him and to assist him should they ever find his time. Allaah made him a beacon of light who illuminated the entire universe with the light of Imaan.

May Allaah also shower His special mercies on the family of Rasulullaah p, his companions and all those who follow him in good faith and who engage in Ibaadah and recitation of the Qur’aan day and night. It is indeed the grace of Allaah on this Ummah that He has sent to them the best of all the Ambiyaa ,*-»** and revealed to them the best of all the divine scriptures. Allaah has taken the responsibility of protecting the Qur’aan from interpolation and adulteration and states:

Without doubt only We have revealed the Reminder (the Qur’aan) and (by various means) We shall certainly be its protectors (ensuring that it remains unchanged throughout time)}


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