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Hijab – The Islamic Commandments Of Hijab

Hijab – The Islamic Commandments Of Hijab

By Shaykh Dr Muhammad Ismail Memon

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First and foremost, I thank Allah (s.w.t.) for His Mercy and Guidance in this work. I also wish to thank Dr. Mohammed Ismail Memon Madani for his inspiration and encouragement in translating this book. He was also kind enough to review the entire book and suggest valuable changes before it was published. I would also like to thank Maulana Ibrahim Memon and Brother M. A. Qazi for their assistance in correcting the translation of various terms and proper nouns. I am thankful as well to Mrs. Noman for helping me in the translation of chapter four of this book and all the brothers and sisters who read the manuscript and suggested vaulable changes. Last but not least, I would like to thank my family, especially my sons Irfan and Javaid Tawheed who have assisted me every step of the way in this work. May Allah be pleased with them.

Mohammed Sadiq


All Praise be to Allah; we praise and seek Guidance from Him; we have Faith in Him and we place our trust in Him. We seek the Protection of Allah from the evil of our Nafs and our deeds. May He shower Salat and Salam on our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Hi) and on his family and his Companions.

I have made every attempt to use simple and contemporary English in the translation of this book. However, there were many times where a simple English word could not be found to convey the meaning and, therefore, either the original word in Urdu or Arabic was retained with a footnote explaining its meaning, or a word from old English was substituted.

I also edited the book leaving out some parts from the original text which was repetitious. These editorial changes were reviewed and approved by the author of the original book, Dr. Mohammed Ismail Memon Madani.

My main objective in translating this book was to provide my Muslim brothers and sisters and our youth living in North America and other Western countries with an authentic peace of work in the English language on the necessity of Hijab so that they could read it themselves and appreciate the wisdom behind these golden Commandments of Islam.

May Allah (fi)accept this work and make it useful for those who truly desire to learn and practice Islam in their lives.

Dr. Mohammed Sadiq Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Ramadhan 18, 1414H – March 1, 1994


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