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How does WhatsApp’s click-to-chat feature work?

How does WhatsApp’s click-to-chat feature work?

WhatsApp has officially introduced a feature, which you can easily use anywhere.
When using the Internet we often use links. Anyone who clicks on this link will be taken to the respective site. Most people also need a link that can be clicked to reach the WhatsApp chat. That is the facility of starting a chat without saving someone’s number on the mobile.

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How to create your WhatsApp chat link?

Creating your own WhatsApp chat link is very easy. You just need to add your number and country code in the following link.
Just be careful not to use any zeros or plus signs

For example, write like this:
In this link, there is a code for nine to two countries, you can write your own. Again, remember not to write a plus sign or zero with the country code.

For example, don’t write like this
When you create a tutorial link per the method mentioned above, when anyone clicks on this link, they will be able to start a WhatsApp chat with you at once.



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