How to Choose A Youtube Channel Name?

( Syed Abdulwahab Shah )

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Table of Contents

6 Tips for Choosing a Great Name.

  1. Brand name.
  2. Occupation Name.
  3. Thematic names.
  4. Personal name. 2
  5. Short unique and simple name.
  6. One name across the network.

What should the channel logo look like?.

In the previous article, I told you how to create a YouTube channel, you can read that article here.

In today’s article, you will be given a guideline to choose a YouTube channel name.

How to Choose A Youtube Channel Name

First thing

First of all, understand that you can have any YouTube channel name, there are no restrictions on you. You can even name your channel in your local language apart from English. Just make sure that the name is not of a famous brand, or the name has any nonsense aspect.

Second thing

If you are confused about choosing a channel name, I will give you some guidelines, in the light of which you can choose your channel name.

6 Tips for Choosing a Great Name

1. Brand name

The best way is to name your channel the same as your company, brand or your cause of fame. This way you can introduce your channel faster. And people will recognize you faster. .

2. Occupation Name

Name the channel, your field, or the art you specialize in. For example, if you are a plumber, it is better if your name contains words related to plumbing, this will also show your profession, and obviously the topic of your videos will be plumbing. This way your channel will be easy to identify with this name.

3. Thematic names

If you only want to make videos on a specific topic, it’s even better if your channel name should be the same thing. For example, if you want to make videos on cooking, then it is better to have words like cooking, or food, etc. in your channel name.

4. Personal name

If you are a celebrity, or want to promote yourself, then it is better to use your name as the channel name. For example, a channel on YouTube is “Mufti Tariq Masood”.

5. Short unique and simple name

Keep the channel name as short and simple as possible. So that people can remember it easily, and people can easily find it when needed. If the name is difficult or complicated, people will not be able to remember it and will not be able to search it again.

Here I give you examples of simple and easy names. For example, there is an excellent channel in the Urdu language based on scientific information called “Takhti“. This name is short, unique, simple, and easy to remember.

Takhti How to Choose A Youtube Channel Name

Similarly, an excellent channel on history is called “Dekho Suno Jano“. Similarly,

How to Choose A Youtube Channel Name

a channel for religious information and guidance is called “Nikta Guidance“.

Nukta Guidance How to Choose A Youtube Channel Name

6. One name across the network

While choosing the channel name, keep in mind that it is best if your channel name is the same as the other social media platforms. That is, the name you have on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media should be the same on YouTube.


What should the channel logo look like?

  • While choosing a channel logo or banner, keep the six guidelines mentioned above in mind. That is, either put your company and brand logo in the channel.
  • Or put a logo that points to your profession, such as the tools of your profession.
  • Or if you are a celebrity, put your own picture.
  • Or put any beautiful, unique and simple logo.

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