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How to make money from YouTube 5 ways to make money from YouTube

5 ways to make money from YouTube

How to make money from YouTube?

( Syed Abdul Wahab Shah )

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Table of Contents

  1. the first way is to make money from ads.
  2. Another way to make money from YouTube is affiliate marketing.
  3. The third way to earn from YouTube is to sell your product.
  4. The fourth way to earn from YouTube is sponsorship.
  5. The fifth way to earn from YouTube is to earn traffic.

While there are many other ways to make money in the internet world, one popular way is YouTube. YouTube has two billion monthly active users. These users watch one billion hours of videos every day.

The most popular way to make money from YouTube is the one you probably know, making money through ads. That is, you make videos and upload them, people watch your videos, and YouTube plays advertisements of different companies on these videos, which I give to you and keep apart. But you may not know that there are other ways to earn money from YouTube apart from this method.

Today’s article will discuss them in different ways.

5 ways to make money from YouTube

1. The first way is to make money from ads.

YouTube allows people to run ads on videos to promote their content, these ads run at the beginning, middle and end of the video, in addition to letting the viewer see the side or bottom of the video. Advertisement is also visible.

If you have a channel and want to activate ads on your channel, then you need to join YouTube’s monetization program.

There are some requirements to join the monetization program, the top one being that you must have 1000 subscribers. Whereas the total watch time of your channel should be 4000 hours. Until five years ago these conditions were not there, but you could join the program on the day you created the channel. But that’s not the case anymore.

Once you meet these requirements, you can send a request by going to your channel’s YouTube Studio and clicking on the Monetization tab. The YouTube team will inspect your channel to see if your channel is following YouTube’s Community Guidelines and other rules and regulations. If your channel meets YouTube’s guidelines, your request will be accepted, and your videos will start showing ads.

How Much Money Can You Make With YouTube Ads?

YouTube monetization figures vary by topic and country. That is, less money can be earned by making a video on a topic and more money can be earned on a topic. Similarly, working in a country can earn less money, and work in a country can earn more money.

For example, if you make videos about finance and production. And when you get a million views, you can earn $3,000 to $5,000 a month through ads.

Similarly, you can earn more by making videos on any topic that is profitable. Whereas non-profitable topics such as tutorials, how-to photos, etc., generate very little profit.

When you start earning from YouTube, you need to create a Google AdSense account, YouTube earnings are transferred to AdSense on the 10th of every month, and from Google AdSense to your personal bank account every month. 22nd to 28th date is shifted.

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2. Another way to make money from YouTube is affiliate marketing.

This method is also very popular among the ways of making money today, it is not something unique, but it is exactly the same thing that we see in the vegetable market. That is, the farmer brings his vegetable, and there a person bids and sells the farmer’s vegetable. In return, the farmer gets a fixed commission.

In the same way, you encourage people to buy a company’s product on your channel, the company pays you a fixed commission when people buy that product from your referral.

Here I am going to tell you some affiliate marketing methods that you can adopt to earn a good income:

1. Product introduction

This is a very popular method, for example, you hold a mobile of a company in front of you, unbox it, and inform people about its benefits, its features, and facilities, share your comment and experience and Encourage it is a good mobile. And also give a link to buy it in the description.

2. Product comparison

Another popular method is to hold several models of the same thing in front of people, introducing each one as well as offering your own opinions and experiences to help people understand. Which product will be best for them depends on their need and budget? Along with this, you also provide affiliate links for all these products, so that people can buy what they want.

3. The third way to earn from YouTube is to sell your product

I have never earned from affiliate marketing but have definitely made YouTube a medium to sell my products. My channel “Nukta Guidance” is an informative channel. Which has been subscribed by more than five lakh people. I sometimes make videos on my products too, but mostly play my product ticker inside the videos.

  • You create videos on your product introduction.
  • Describe your product’s features and how to use it.
  • Offer special discount offers.
  • Play product tickers in your videos.

4. The fourth way to earn from YouTube is sponsorship.

Sponsorship means a company looking at your channel’s popularity and viewership will offer you to feature our products in your videos, unbox them, give your feedback, etc.

In return, the company gives you money, and free products, and sometimes these companies even send you to visit different countries.

For example, if there is a mobile company, you can unbox its mobile and show it to people. Show its features. But honesty requires that you don’t give wrong information to the wigs, otherwise you will lose the trust of your viewers, and that will hurt you a lot. Give people only accurate information Although the company wants you to give people the company’s desired review, you should always give accurate information.

5. The fifth way to earn from YouTube is to earn traffic.

You have a website. Whether it is an e-commerce website or you provide a service. Or you work in real estate. Or run an office or company etc. Getting traffic to a website is a big problem. You can solve this problem with your YouTube.

  • Introduce your product.
  • Introduce your company, and office.
  • Introduce your services and encourage people to visit the website.
  • Put the website link in the channel art.
  • Put the website link in the cards.
  • Put the website link in the video description.
  • Put the website link on the video screen.



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