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How to Promote Your Online Store?

How to Promote Your Online Store?

(Syed Abdulwahab Shah)

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It is important to promote your e-commerce store to increase your sales. And this work is also done for a fee and some free tools are also available. It’s up to you how you do it.

remember! Relying only on paid advertising is not useful. You should use paid advertising as well as tools that provide this facility for free. So that the day you turn off paid advertising, these free tools can still do their job. Otherwise, the day you end your paid advertising campaign, your traffic will be zero.

The purpose of creating an e-commerce store is to increase the online sales of your products. To achieve this main goal, a lot of work is done on the website, such as website SEO, digital marketing, social media usage, etc.

How to promote your online store?

The first thing to do after creating an online store is to make it popular. Below are some of the things you can do after creating a store.


  1. Get help from Facebook.
  2. Use of Google Ads.
  3. Ads from Bing, Yahoo and other platforms.
  4. Start a blog.
  5. Start WhatsApp and email marketing email marketing.
  6. Create a mobile app.
  7. Use of social networks.
  8. Do good SEO.


  1. 1. Get help from Facebook

Using Facebook to promote your store is very important, because everyone uses Facebook, and spends some time on Facebook every day. So keep informing your friends about your store and your product through your Facebook ID, share the pictures of the order you send in your Facebook post and tell your friends that today I have sent so many orders. Also, share the screenshot of the customer feedback that he has given you on WhatsApp with your Facebook friends.

While working on Facebook, don’t rely only on Facebook ID, but create an official page of your store, create your own groups on Facebook and use other people’s groups. Also run a paid advertising campaign if your pocket allows.

A paid advertising campaign on Facebook gives great results, especially for targeting people in your own country, or province, or city.

  1. 2. Use of Google Ads

You can also use Google Ads to promote your online store. Although creating and setting up an ad on Google Ads is a bit more difficult than Facebook and not everyone knows how to set it up, you can hire an expert to set up your ad. This ad will also appear in Google search results, and on thousands of other people’s websites. I personally don’t like Google Ads because of the heavy, long and complicated settings, although the results are great. But anyway you can get this done by an expert and you have to pay the fee separately.

  1. 3. Ads from Bing, Yahoo and other platforms

Bing and Yahoo are also used in many countries around the world, and they also have an ad serving program, although they can’t compete with Google, but you can also run ads on them if you want.

  1. 4. Start a blog.

Blog is very important for an online store, it is also very important for your website to have a blog. I have highlighted the importance of blog in great detail in the previous article. You can also create a blog on your own website and use other free platforms, like Google Blogger etc.

  1. 5. Start WhatsApp and email marketing email marketing

One of the benefits of blogging is that people follow your blog through email, so you get an email list of people, and you can use that email list for mail marketing.

Many people do not give much importance to email marketing but the importance of email marketing cannot be denied.

Whatsapp marketing can be done along with mail marketing, for this purpose create whatsapp groups and periodically promote your website and products in these groups.

  1. 6. Create a mobile app.

Creating a mobile app of your website is also very beneficial. Creating an app does not mean that you create a professional app like the big companies like Amazon, Daraz, Ali baba, etc., on which people can also shop. Because it is a very expensive job that not everyone can do. You just create a simple app where people can see your website and blog, people can learn about your products. A small app like this will show your presence in the market, and it’s not too difficult.

  1. 7. Use of social networks

Just like I talked about using Facebook, you should also use other social media platforms to promote your store. For example, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, WhatsApp Story, Facebook Story, etc.

  1. 8. Do good SEO.

Optimize your website’s SEO. You can either hire an expert for this purpose, or do it yourself by reading our SEO related articles. Website SEO is very important to achieve online success in today’s era.




  1. I completely agree that Facebook ads are a great way to promote online store. I myself use Facebook ads to promote my website. I use AdPlify for that. It helps me to decorate my ads and target the right audience at a very low budget. It would be great if you mention some tools in your post too.

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