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How to Rank YouTube Videos

How to Rank YouTube Videos

YouTube Channel SEO For Beginners:

( by Syed Abdul Wahab Shah )

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YouTube Channel SEO.

What is YouTube SEO?.

How does YouTube rank videos?.

Important points you need to keep in mind:

  1. Create videos on popular topics.
  2. Optimize your video title.
  3. Improve video description.
  4. Improve your video CTR.

How to improve CTR:

  1. Add related word tags.
  2. Put a hashtag in the description.
  3. Try increasing the watch time.
  4. Increase viewer interest.
  5. Create video chapters.
  6. Use subtitles.
  7. Use end screens and cards.
  8. Promote the video.

You created a channel, uploaded videos, but the views are not coming. What could be the reason for this?

How to Rank YouTube Videos

This is because there are many other people making videos on the same topic that you have made a video on. The title you wrote is the same title many other people are writing. So in this situation you can bring your video up in YouTube search only with good SEO.

What is YouTube SEO?

YouTube SEO is the process by which you can optimize your videos to rank higher in search results. Because people search by keywords, you should research keywords and use them in your video titles, descriptions, and tags. Not just using words but they also have to make videos on the topics.

How does YouTube rank videos?

YouTube uses its own algorithm to rank videos in its search results. In which he looks at the words used in the title, description and tags of the video. Similarly, to understand how good a video is, the YouTube algorithm evaluates the watch time, number of views, likes and comments of the video and estimates how important and good this video is, so as a result of this evaluation, it Gives a rank to the video whether it should be first or second or third.

YouTube also looks at the past history of each channel while ranking. But YouTube treats all channels the same in terms of SEO.

 Important points you need to keep in mind:

1. Create videos on popular topics.

How do you know what people are searching for? This method is very easy.

One way is to:

Type a few words about the topic you want to make a video into YouTube search, and then see what YouTube shows, the most searched words on that topic will appear at the top. You save these words to yourself and then make a video on the same topic, make the words the title of the video, write the tags and description of the words.

To understand this, see the following image:

Youtube SEO 1 How to Rank YouTube Videos

I typed the word “Umrah” in YouTube search and YouTube is showing that people are searching how to perform Umrah. So I made a video on how to perform Umrah which was watched by 2 million people.

How to Rank YouTube Videos

In this second image, you can see I put the same words in the title that people are searching for. Similarly, they have been used in the description and tags as well.

Another way is to:

You go to the major channels that make videos on the same topics, look at their top videos and see what keywords they have created for titles and videos, choose the keywords and make videos for them.

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2. Optimize your video title

Optimizing the title means formatting the letters well, and capitalizing the first letter of each word. For this purpose, you can also use a small tool called TitleCase It! Is.

Optimizing the title also means making your title SEO-friendly, so that your video ranks well and gets more views.

When creating your video title, take some time to check the titles of videos similar to your video in YouTube search and then choose a good title.

3. Improve video description

Write a detailed description of the video and explain what you talked about in the video. If possible, write a summary of the video in the description. One of the benefits of writing a detailed description is that this description also shows up in Google’s search results, thus improving your video’s Google ranking.

When writing the description, also repeat words related to the topic of the video, try to have relevant words in the first two lines, and write in a way that sounds natural, not artificial.

4. Improve your video CTR.

CTR stands for Click Through Rate. That is the percentage of people who click on your video after watching it. For example, if your video is viewed by 100 people, but 25 people clicked on it, that means your CTR is 25%. Now the question arises how to improve CTR?

How to improve CTR:

  1. Optimize your thumbnail

If the video is great but its thumbnail is useless then very few people will click, the thumbnail is the face of your video, the more beautiful and attractive it is, the more chances it will get clicked.

  1. Video length

Also, pay attention to the length of your video to improve CTR. Because the minutes of the video are also visible with the thumbnail. People decide whether to click or not by watching minutes of video in addition to thumbnails.

If someone wants to know the details of something, he also watches the long video. But if someone wants to know the answer to a question, he likes the short video. Therefore, it is important to take care of these things.

5. Add related word tags.

At the bottom of the video there is also a place to add tags, just as you have to write the title and description of the words related to the topic of the video, also write some tags of related words. Search engines also evaluate tags when searching for something, so having tags is essential for improving the SEO of a video.

While writing the tags, also take care of their order, i.e. write the most important word tags first and then write the rest in the same order. You can write as many tags as YouTube allows, but it is also important to keep in mind that if you write too many tags, it will be difficult for search engines to decide that your video is relevant. What is the topic?

6. Put a hashtag in the description.

The hashtag is a very popular thing that you must know. Hashtags are used a lot on Twitter and Facebook. You can also use the hashtag in the title and description of the YouTube video. A lot of people search by hashtag. When using hashtags, make sure to use two or three hashtags at most.

7. Try increasing the watch time.

One of the important YouTube ranking factors is watch time. That is, how long people watch your video. YouTube’s monitoring system takes note of your video’s views, likes, subscribers, and watch time, and then calculates an average watch time to rank you accordingly. The only thing that increases watch time is your ability, the more good, useful, and informative videos you make, the more watch time you will have. When the watch time is high, the ranking will also be good.

Invite your viewers to subscribe to your channel and like the video. Comment about the video. Because many people are ready to do all this but they don’t remember so you must remind them once.

Another important thing is not to make the introduction of the video too long, but start talking about your topic immediately after the greeting.

8. Increase viewer interest.

Success is not that you get thousands of views on one video and then it ends, but the real success is that you get good views on each of your videos. Or you can say that once you see your video, then you must come again to watch another one. Because YouTube’s monitoring system also notes whether your viewer watches many of your videos or leaves after watching just one video. If a person leaves watching a video and then doesn’t watch a video for a few days, YouTube’s system automatically removes your video from that viewer in the future.

To solve this problem you have to make interesting videos. You can also start streaming videos episodic so that the viewer waits for the next episode.

9. Create video chapters.

YouTube has also provided the facility to create chapters for videos. That is, you can divide any of your videos into different parts. For example, what is the talk in the first two minutes, then what is the talk in the next three minutes, then what is the talk in the next one minute. Creating chapters in this way is convenient for visitors, and they also like it because it saves people time.

10. Use subtitles.

YouTube also allows you to use subtitles in other languages ​​in your videos. By using this, people who don’t understand your language can read and understand the subtitles. This way the viewership of your video will be high.

11. Use end screens and cards.

You can use up to five cards in your video. That is, during the video, referring to another video of yours, you can provide a link to this video, which can be clicked to watch this video.

Similarly, you can add a link to your other videos or channel in the last fifteen seconds of your video, this is called the end screen.

Another thing you should do is to divide your videos into different categories, thus making it easier for your viewers to find videos related to a particular topic.

12. Promote the video.

YouTube also encourages you to share the link of your video on various social media or embed the video on a blog, or website. By taking advantage of these features of YouTube, you can reach more people with your video.

One way to promote videos is to run paid ads. You can also advertise by running paid ads on YouTube or any other platform if you have the financial capacity.




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