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How to SEO Optimize Your Online Store Home Page

How to SEO Optimize Your Online Store Home Page

( Syed Abdul Wahab Shah )

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How to SEO the home page of an online store?

Search engine optimization of the homepage.

  1. 1. Security (SSL).
  2. How to improve the title.
  3. Home page description.
  4. Use of H1 tag.
  5. Written content and keywords.
  6. SEO of images.
  7. Structured data or schema markup.
  8. Footer.

How to SEO Optimize Your Online Store Home Page

It is very important to do the best SEO on the homepage of the online shop. Because it is both the door and the face of your store. If the door doesn’t open quickly, or the face isn’t pretty, customers will return.

And if your store’s home page is not optimized according to Google’s algorithm, then customers will not see this store at all.

The homepage must be friendly to both customers and Google search.

Your home page should be decorated with a few essentials such as:

  • who are you?
  • What are you selling?
  • Why buy from you?
  • How can you be contacted?
  • How quickly can a customer find what they want?

Why is the homepage important?

  • The home page represents your company or store.
  • The home page is your face that the customer sees and makes a decision.
  • The home page is the trap that can stop the customer.
  • The home page is the page where people come to see new products.

How to SEO the home page of an online store?

There are two parts to optimizing a homepage.

One part is doing SEO.

The second part is optimizing the home page for customers.

Both of these parts of home page optimization are very important and necessary.

 Optimization of the homepage for customers

  1. At the top of the home page, there should be content that impresses the prospective customer. The top section refers to the part of the page that is visible first without scrolling, which is the part that may or may not compel your customer to scroll further. So this section should be designed in such a way that the visiting customer is compelled to look or read it for some time.
  2. At the same top is your logo, which represents your store or company. And a short sentence with the logo that describes your purpose.
  3. The third thing that needs to be in the top section is contact information, i.e. the means by which someone can contact you if they want to contact you.
  4. The fourth thing that must be at the top is the menu bar. Which contains links to important pages of your website, and other important links, posts, etc.
  5. The fifth thing that should be at the top is the search bar. That is, if someone wants to find something on your website, they can write it there and find it easily.
  6. The sixth thing should be emailed subscribe or follow button so that people can follow you by writing their email, and then they can see your posts in the future and get your notification on their mobile.

Interesting thing

You can also take ideas from world-famous online stores while designing your store. For example Amazon etc.

When designing your website, keep in mind that 80% of people visit from mobile, so your website should be mobile-friendly.

  1. Search engine optimization of the homepage

There are many things that are necessary for the search engine optimization of a website.

  1. The first of these is website security i.e. SSL.
  2. The second thing is the homepage title.
  3. The third thing is the homepage description.
  4. The fourth thing is the use of H1 tags.
  5. The fifth thing is to use relevant keywords in your content.
  6. Use of images
  7. Structured data
  8. Footer optimization


  1. 1. Security (SSL)

An e-commerce website must have a secure certificate installed and configured on its server.

An SSL will ensure that all information transferred between your website and the server is secure, such as user name, order information, payment details, etc. These things are transferred through secure server communication.

It is very important for your website to have HTTPS. Because it’s great for SEO. And you can get it through SSL. It is important to gain user trust. When SSL is installed, the word (success) is displayed in the browser window, increasing user confidence.

How to SEO Optimize Your Online Store Home Page


  1. How to improve the title

Having a title is very important for any type of content on a website. Search engines know what the content is by the title itself. So, to improve the title, the following points should be taken care of.

The title should be close to sixty characters.

The title should contain keywords relevant to the content.

The title should contain catchy words. For example free books, 50% discount, etc

2 How to improve the title How to SEO Optimize Your Online Store Home Page

  1. Home page description

Homepage description is very important in SEO. Write a description of at least 160 characters. Often Google also displays this description in its search results. But the description you wrote is not necessarily what Google will show. Sometimes Google even picks up another paragraph of your content and shows it. If your content is a product, then it is also better to include the contact number in the description.


  1. Use of H1 tag

The h1 tag (<h1></h1>) refers to the code in the formatting toolbar that you use to decorate your written content. The H1 tag is used for the title of the content, it is a code that when applied makes the title clear to the reader while making it easier for Google to recognize the content. After applying this tag, you can make the title bigger or smaller as you want.

These tags should be used in order, i.e. first H1, then H2, then H3, then H4, etc.

  1. Written content and keywords

If your website consists of articles, and blogs, then, of course, there will be written content on it, but if your website is e-commerce i.e. products, then many people make the mistake of displaying their products only in the form of images. Present to them, do not write any written material with them. Remember this is a huge mistake in terms of SEO.

Your product images should be accompanied by a good description in written form, and relevant keywords should be used more than once in the text. Because when people search for something, they type words into the search engine, and Google searches for those words, if your product doesn’t have those words, your product won’t show up in the search results.

When writing product-related content, be sure to write content that is slightly different from what others have written about the same product, so that when Google shows them, your product content is different. Also, show it as another option.


  1. SEO of images

When using images on your website it is also very important to take care of their SEO. How can SEO of images be done, you might think? So let’s note a few things about image SEO:

  • Before uploading an image, name it the same as the name of the product or object the image is related to.
  • Right-click the image and click Properties.

Then click on the Details tab.

Now you will have many options:

  • Title
  • Subject
  • Rating
  • Tags
  • Comment

etc. Write as many things as you can here and then save. This whole process is called offline SEO, or pre-upload SEO. Search engine bots read all of these things.

3 off line seo How to SEO Optimize Your Online Store Home Page

Note: If the image is in JPG format, more options are visible, but fewer options are visible if the image is in PNG format.

  • Another thing in image optimization is keeping the image size to a minimum. Because a large size image takes a lot of time to load, it takes a lot of time for the homepage to load, which is bad for SEO. There are many online and offline tools available for this purpose, eg image optic.
  • After uploading the image, when the image is selected in the gallery of Word Press, write the description and caption of the image there as well. Use relevant keywords here too.

  1. Structured data or schema markup

A very important thing for homepage SEO is structured data. Structured data refers to what your page is about, and who you are.

Structured data and schema markup are used to make this query easier for Google. Web developers who know how to code do it themselves, but those who don’t know do it through various online tools and plugins, where you only have to provide your details, those tools help you in coding. And you have to copy and paste that code to the head of your website. The following tools can be used for this purpose.


And it becomes even easier if you do it with the help of a plugin.

  1. Footer

The footer is also very important in the website, in the footer you can highlight the important things about your website. The footer is visible on all pages of your website.

  • Here you can give links to your other pages.
  • Can feature more popular products.
  • Can encourage people to follow emails.
  • You can give your contact, address, and call to action button.
  • You can give your company logo.


Consider the needs of people and search engines when designing a homepage. Don’t fulfill your wish. You may want to use so-and-so graphics on the page, but that’s not good for your website, a lightweight, mobile-friendly, search-engine-optimized, human-centric website is better.




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