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Importance of blog for e-commerce website

Importance of blog for e-commerce website

( Syed Abdul Wahab Shah )

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Importance of blog for e-commerce website. 1

On which platform to blog?. 2

How big should the blog be?. 2

Importance of blog

Blogs are very important for any website. Although some people do not believe in its importance and consider it a waste of time, this is not true, blogs are very important.

The importance of a blog cannot be understood by those who have a lot of money and run their business on the strength of their money advertising. No matter how much money one has, there eventually comes a time when one has to stop a paid advertising campaign because one cannot depend on paid advertising alone for the rest of one’s life.

Just as the results of paid advertising are immediate, they also disappear as soon as the advertising campaign ends. On the contrary, gradually increasing your work using blogs, social media pages and groups does not show results immediately, but the process continues to give its results for a long time. Keeping all these things in mind we can say that blog has a lot of importance.

Remember if you have an e-commerce website and you are selling some products then only the products are on your website, with the product name, price, and a short description. Then the same product is being sold by thousands of other people, in such a situation your website cannot rank easily in Google.

Therefore, blogs are created and long articles are written to solve this problem. You can create a blog on any platform and keep posting there from time to time. In blog posts, you can write detailed and short articles about your product. You can write your product introduction, benefits, how to use, etc. These articles will rank in Google search and bring more visitors to your website.

On which platform to blog?

You can create a blog by creating a subdomain within your domain. If you want to get free traffic for a long time then you must create a blog.

Similarly, one can create a blog with the help of other free platforms.

For example

Many websites, including Google’s Blogger, Word Press, allow you to create blog pages for free. However, it also includes the name of the website in the blog address.

How big should the blog be?

Research has proven that longer texts rank faster. Google’s algorithm ranks long text at the top. The normal limit is said to be 1600 words.

How long will you be doing paid advertising? If you have the money, definitely run paid ads, but also understand the importance of a blog.

How to create an e-commerce store blog?

  1. To create a blog page, click Pages from the dashboard.
  2. Then click on New Page.
  3. Keep the title of the new page blog.
  4. And publish it.

Importance of blog for e-commerce website How to Make Blog 1

Note: Do not post any content on the page

How to Make Blog 2

  1. Then click on Reading in the Settings tab.
  2. Then select Blog in post page option.



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