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Importance of Internal Linking for SEO

Importance of Internal Linking For SEO

(Syed Abdul Wahab Shah)

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Table of Contents

Importance of Internal Linking.

Types of links.

Internal Links and SEO..

How many internal links should be on a page?.

What is an external link?.

Importance of Internal Linking for SEO

Internal Linking is very important to improve the SEO of a website. By doing internal linking you can not only keep the visitor engaged on your website for a longer time but also guide Google.

Types of links

There are two types of links on any website:

Internal links

External links

External links refer to links that are clicked on to another domain outside your domain.

While internal links refer to those links that are clicked on to another page on your own domain.

Then there are two types of internal links:

One is that the person who clicks on the link reaches another paragraph of the same page.

The second is that the person who clicks on the link is taken to another post or page of yours.

A good strategy should be adopted while doing internal linking, not only that you should create links all at once, but when creating links, a strategy should be adopted in such a way that all the pages of your website are connected to each other so that Google Crawl crawling and indexing your entire website.

Importance of Internal Linking for SEO اچھے اور برے لنکس
Good and Bad Internal linking

The way any search engine works is that they start crawling and indexing from the home page, and then work their way up through other links from a page or post. So if you have internal links on every post and every page and all the posts and pages are connected through internal linking then your entire website will be indexed in Google or other search engines.

Look at the image above again:

In the wrong internal linking in the image on the right, the search engine will go from home to page A and that’s it.

Whereas in the image with good internal link on the left side, he will go from one to the second and from the second to the third, and from the third to the fourth page.

Internal Links and SEO

As you know internal links are very important in SEO, and also know what good links and bad links are. Now a few more things should be understood:

  1. First of all: In internal linking, the links in the body of the post or page are important, but the links on the sidebar or footer of the page are not so important.
  2. Second thing: Usually when a new post or new page is created, links to an old post or old pages are given in it, this is also a good thing, but more useful is internal linking. You should link to new pages and posts on your old pages or posts. Because the old pages will have been indexed in the search engine and by giving a link to the new page on them, this new page will also be indexed quickly.
  3. Thirdly: Don’t just give random links, but only those links that are really important to the visitor or search engine.
  4. The fourth thing is: while giving a link, use the keywords in the anchor text to which the link is going. In case your anchor text is “Pakistan” but when someone clicks, they end up in the US.

See in this image how Google itself does internal linking on its pages.

Internal Linking practices by Google انٹرنل لنک گوگل کے
Internal Linking

How many internal links should be on a page?

There is no limit to the number of links on a single page, but the opinion of experts is that it is better to have ten to twelve links. While a maximum of ninety to a hundred links can be given.

What is an external link?

Now that you know about internal links, now there are a few things you need to know about external links.

External links are links that are clicked to another website outside of your domain. External links are different from internal links, here are some things to keep in mind, for example:

  1. Give links only when really needed.
  2. Try to have only one, two, or three links per page.
  3. Only provide links if it’s something that really benefits visitors.
  4. Only link to websites you trust.
  5. Only link to websites that have original and accurate content.

Google can also penalize your website for external links, so it is important to do this carefully, and one way to do this is to nofollow the links you provide. You don’t have to nofollow every link, but you should nofollow some.





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