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Islamic Beliefs

Islamic Beliefs

By Shaykh Dr Mufti Abdul Wahid

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All praises are due only to Allaah Ta^ala, and peace and blessings upon His chosen servants.

Allaah Ta^ala has, through His Bounty and Grace, afforded us the guidance to prepare a course whereby the matters of Deen be better understood. This basic course is comprised of the following three Kitaabs:

1 . Islaamic Beliefs

1. The Principles ojDeen

3 . The Masaa Hl ojBehishti Zewar (two parts)

This course should be taught by a capable Aalim who will prepare each lesson prior to teaching it. The course should be spread out in such a way that daily at least two lessons are taught. If this is properly adhered to, then the course should be completed in six months. The lessons on the laws and rulings will stretch over six months and the Kitaabs on AqaaTd and principles will take three months each. Aqaa’id (beliefs) will be taught in the first three months and Usools (principles) will be taught in the following three months. During the course, the following should be kept in mind that no matters which do not pertain to the subject at hand are discussed. Nevertheless, the students should be allowed the freedom of asking questions (pertaining to the subjects at hand). This will in fact, increase their enthusiasm and interest. The teacher should supply properly researched answers, even though it may take more time.

I have not seen any concise or simple Kitaab on the subject of AqaaTd or Usool which will appeal to the masses of this era or be of interest to their tastes. It is for this reason that I have compiled these Kitaabs, gleaning subject matter from authentic and reliable works. In this way, I have compiled the Kitaabs which are named Islaamic heliejs and Principles ojDeen.

As far as laws and rulings are concerned, I have used the famous Kitaab of Hadhrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thaanwi (rahmatullahi alaihi), Behishti Zewar, and re-formatted it. I have simplified it and included many new Masaa^il and chapters. It is for this reason that on this subject, this compilation is complete and up to date.

Insha-Allaah Ta^ala, these Kitaabs will satisfy the basic Deeni needs of the learners. It will also remove many nagging doubts and be a sufficient defence against effects of the deviates of the present era. May Allaah Ta^ala accept this humble effort and make it beneficial for His creation.

This compilation and syllabus will, Insha-Allaah Ta^ala be an invaluable asset to all sectors of the Muslim Community. It can be completed in a short space of time.

May Allaah Ta^ala fully reward all those who had assisted in the compilation of these Kitaabs, especially, Molvi Mukhtaar Ahmad Salmah of the Daarul Ifta at Jaamia Madeenah.

Our final dua, Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Aalameen.

(Dr. Mufti) Abdul Waahid

Daarul Ifta – Jaamia Madeenah – Lahore

Shawwaal 1418

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Hayat ul Sahabah by Shaykh Muhammad Yusuf Kandhelvi (r.a)


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