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Jewels Of The Quran

Jewels Of The Quran

Jewels Of The Quran

By Al Ghazzali-

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English Translation Of Jawahir Al Quran Abu Hamid Muhammad Al Ghazali Al Tusi

We reveal progressively of the Qur’an which is a spiritual healing and a mercy for the believers. — Qur’an 17:82

The Qur’an is the Holy Scripture of Islam revealed to the prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him) through the angel of revelation, Gabriel, in approximately twenty-three years of his lifetime (610 A.D. — 632) in Mecca and Medina. Seven hundred million human beings who call themselves Muslims have accepted it as the Creator’s final message or revelation to mankind and jinn (infra, p. 46* n. 74), two intelligent species charged with religious and moral responsibilities. Muslims not only read and study the Qur’an to draw guidance in all aspects of their life but also recite it for other purposes, such as obtaining of reward from God and gaining the blessings that come from uttering the divine speech. Recitation for these purposes is made at different times and on various occasions, e.g. in the morning, at night, on completion of every ritual prayer, at the start of sermons, in ceremonies, and in pious gatherings. Thus the Qur’an is practically inseparable from the life of a Muslim. Many non-Muslims have also been interested in the Qur’an and most of them have regarded it with reverence as the Holy Scripture of a great faith; the reasons for their interest in the Scripture of another religion, however, are obviously not identical with those of Muslims.

The Qur’an is purely divine but its understanding is completely human — a statement often made by Muslim scholars of recognized authority. The understanding of the Qur concerns not only the meaning and significance of its verses,

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Maarif ul Quran English Tafseer

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