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Judgment of Yusuf Kazzab Blasphemy Case

Judgment of Yusuf Kazzab Blasphemy Case

(Mentioning Zaid Zaman Hamid of Brass Tacks)

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Under Section 295(C)PP Yousafi Accused /.% Convicted and sentenced to death and a fine Rs. 50,000/- and in defa- ult thereof to undergo furt- 1 -her imprisonment for six months. He shall be »1 hanged by his neck till

he is dead. The sentence of death is subject to confirmation of Hong f ble Lahore High [ Court, Lahore

and a reference in this regard shall be sent immediately. ■ SESSIONS JUDGE, LAHORE 05.8.2000


Truth About Yusuf Ali Blasphemy Case

First I was reluctant to offer my comments on the exhaustive judgment of the learned Sessions Judge Lahore Mian Mohammad Jahangir dated 05-8-2000, whereby he has awarded death sentence to Yusuf Ali for offence of contempt of the Holy Prophet (PBUI-I) as he had claimed to have attained the last and final stage of the Prophethood after his return from the holy city Madina-i-Munawwarrah. Alongwith death penalty the convict has been punished for committing the heinous crime of fraud and forgery in the name of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). He is punished also for degrading the sublime status of Ahl-i-Bait (AS) and Sehaba (RA). Secondly 1 avoided to make comments as I am the part of the judgment and my book “Namoos-i-Rasool & Qanooni-Tauhccn-i-Risalaf has been referred again and again by the convict in his statement before the trial court. In the meanwhile a socalied Sahahi of the convict namely Z.Z. Hamid expressed his opinion about the judgment in Daily Dawn’s issue of 13th August 2000 and stooped down to the lowest level of mischief by calling the judgment as to be murder of justice and presented the convict as a benevolent and honourable Sufi Scholar of Islam. The remarks about the judgment show the shallowness of legal knowledge of the writer. The facts stated by him amounted to travesty of truth. Similarly the Daily News of Lahore of the same date published statement of the convict, which is distortion of the true version of the case. i

This malacious compaign prompted once close associate of the convict, Janab Arshad Qurcshi, a learned scholar, who belongs to Qadriah Sufic lineage, to publish the judgment of the learned Sessions Judge in a book form, so that the public should see the convict in his true colours through this historic judgment, so he approached me with a request to write a foreword for this book which is under print. The compiler of the present book is also author of the book Titna-i-Yusuf Kazzab’ in three volumes. In view of the convict’s unfair continuous campaign not only against the trial judge, but also against myself and my panel consisting of eminent lawyers, Sardar Ahmed Khan, “Mr. M. Iqbal Cheema, Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Chaudhry, Mr. Yaqoob Ali

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Judgment Verdict against Yusuf Kazzab published in book form and its foreword by Advocate Ismail Qureshi  mentioning Zaid Zaman Hamid as his khalifah.


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