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Laws of the Beard and Hair in Light of Ahadith

Laws of the Beard and Hair

Laws of the Beard and Hair in Light of Ahadith

By Shaykh Fazlur Rahman A’zmi

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This brief treatise was prepared in the Arabic language in Madinah Munawwarah through the divine ability granted by Allah m, due to the Instruction given to me by Mauiana Hashim Bukhari ^ – the Khalifah of Had rat Mauiana Shaikh Zakariyya £ajiib «&, and an ex- lecturer of Darul Ulum Deoband. I gave him this treatise and reached India where I received news of his demise, lj^hj^wj^w

MaulSna xi*& gave the manuscript of this treatise to a student of mine who was at that time studying at Madinah University to publish it. Consequently, he returned it to me after the demise of Maulana A-. Today with a few changes I am completing this treatise. It is hoped that it will translated Into the English language and published.

May AJISh m accept it and make a means of my savior, the

savior of Mauiana Hashim Bukhari

alf those who assist in its publishing. Amin.

FadlurRahman Azmr Azaadville – South Africa 15 Muharram 1416 14 June 1995


Islam is a complete way of life. Just as with all other aspects of Islam, Mahabharat (social dealings) also plays a vital role in Islam, Guidelines regarding a person’s outer appearance, form, and clothing are contained in the teachings of Islam. A true and complete Muslim is one who adheres to these Islamic teachings and practices upon them. While Allah m is aware of our inner qualities, there is a social need for our outer condition to be correct. Therefore, the claim of having complete Islam without one’s outer condition being proper is false.

The religion of Islam has given special guidelines regarding hair. In this treatise, we will discuss the beard. The following words of Nab! m is narrated by many Sahabah & in authentic Ahadith:

^Lengthen the beard and oppose the Mushrikin (Idolaters) and the fire-worshippers,”

Many benefits of keeping a beard have been recorded In the books. Briefly, every nation and religion has some special distinguishing mark or symbol. Similarly, different departments of a government also have distinguishing signs. The police have their own uniform, traffic officers a different uniform, and so too with the army and the naval forces. These differences have a definite effect on a person. History has proven that a nation that does not adhere to its distinguishing features finally loses its entire identity and dissolves with another nation.

When Nab? m came to the world, kufr (disbelief) and shirk (polytheism) were common everywhere. The Mushrikin (idolaters) had their own customs and rituals. Through Islam, Nabf m prepared a nation that was completely different from all other nations. They followed Nabf & in every way – from IbSdat (worshipping) and etiquettes right

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