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Maqam e Mahmud English By Mufti Akhtar Imam Adil

Maqam e Mahmud English

By Mufti Akhtar Imam Adil

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In his description of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS), the great poet of Islam, Hassan bin Thabit al- Ansari says
You have been created free from all faults;
As though you have been created as per your wish.
Shaikh Sa’adi of Sheraaz offered his tribute to the Prophet in his following celebrated poetic lines:
By virtue of your accomplishments and perfections
You climbed up the heights.
Your radiance disperesed all darknesses. Best are your moral traits and behaviour upon you,
Be peace and blessigngs.

Comprising Seven Chapters on seven important distinctive aspects of the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s blessed life, this book is a modest contribution and addition to the seerah, a highly important genre of the Islamic library and an outshining star of the whole Muslim intellectual and academic enterprise. The book, simultaneously, is a restatement of the finality and commonality of Allah’s Message to mankind through Muhammad Rasul Allah.

Impression of this book as expressed by the Late Maulana Muhammad Salim Qasmi, Rector Darul Uloom (waqf) Deoband, Vice President AIMPLB

Muqam-e- Mahmood—Distinctive Features of the Seeratun – Nabi is a life account of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Since the Seerat-e-Muhammadiya refers to the life accounts of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who embraces all the perfect aspects of the most excellent and superb individual out of the entire mankind, the writer receives great encouragement from the Unseen and experiences the Divine support without fail. A complete work on the Seerah must combine all the aspects required for an elaborate introduction of the perfect traits of humanity. It is because of the fact that Muhammad Rasul Allah (PBUH) is the only perfect man who embodies in his being all the traits of perfection and human superlativity. His Seerah is unique by virtue of that it is absolutely incomparable.
The book in hand has been authored by Maulana Mufti Akhtar Imam Adil Qasmi. It seeks to highlight those aspects and the distinguishing features of the person or the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which make it the Seerah of the most perfect man and the Final Prophet of Allah towards the entire mankind. In like manner, it sheds light on those universal perfections and unequalled moral characteristics which immensely contributed to the formation and development of the personality of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). By virtue of its comprehensibility the book comes as a very good guide to the life of the Prophet (PBUH), and tells us the accounts of his life in an interesting manner. Being a topic of an incomparable import, it is obviously too difficult for any human being to do justice to it save Allah ta’ala Himself. The learned author, however, has left no stone unturned to make his work as useful and informative guide to Seerah for the readers as possible. The life accounts of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) have been presented in a lucid and interesting way. May Allah ta’ala enable the learned author to produce more works on different aspects of Islamic teachings in still useful way.
Muhammad Salim Qasmi
January 10,2016

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