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Masnoon Duaas

Masnoon Duaas

Masnoon Prayers By Mufti Ashiq Elahi Buland Shehri

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The Prophet sa has Played lo Allah on different occasions for every possible need. The pocket edition of these prayers was available in the market we have revised thoroughly and made corrections where necessary. The Arabic text is re-comoosed with correel dialrical marks. The translation in cngUsh follows the Arabic text.
The Virtues of these prayers are also mentioned. Our sources are Tlisn 1 1 a s e e n , 1 1 a y a l – ■ u s – S a h a b a h , Miinlakhab Ahadith, Masnun Duaa by Monlaria Ashiq llahi.
May Allah enable every mil slim make I huse supplications.


By Mufli Moulana Muhammad Asliiq Ilahi Bullandshahri MadanL
Approximately twelve years ago, this servant with the help of Allaah compiled “Masnoon Duaas”. It was widely accepted and printed in various places in the Indo? Pak sub? continent Certain businessmen (booksellers) altered, subtracted and added some Duaas for their own business and purposes. It had been altered to such an extent that non? masnoon Duaas were added and the ahadith references were deleted. Subsequently, the author reviewed the whole book and instructed the publishers to include the references and the duaas that were left out in the first edition. This compilation is a detailed complete, and reliable one,
Special care has been taken to see that the correct ‘irab’ are inserted (i.e. The Zabar, Zer, Pesh).
Hoping that the respected readers wilt benefit from this and surely remember me in their duaas.
Muhammad Ashiq Ilahi Bullandshahri.


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