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Pious People’s Conditions and State of Passing Away

Pious People’s Conditions and State of Passing Away

By Shaykh Yusuf Motala

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The salvation of mankind rests upon the ending. If you are fortunate enough to receive a good ending then you will receive everlasting joy, else you will have to remain in punishment. That is why the blessed Prophets, the pious of this Ummat have always been fearful and wary of Allah’s eternal attribute because you do not know in what state your soul will leave you.

The characteristics of the Pious:

Allaama Abdul-Wahhab states in Ahwaalus-Saadeqeen that one of the characteristics of the pious (the ones close to Allah) is that they fear Allah from this that their ending is not bad thus leading them to hell where they would be concealed from him. Some of them would be in such a state and they would be so grief stricken and worried, that they would not even know who is sat besides them.

When Hazrat Hasan Basri used to hear the following Hadeeth ‘the final person to come out of hell would be after one thousand years’ he would say: ‘I wish I was that person.’ Someone asked him ‘Why do you wish this?’ He replied: ‘Does he not come out of hell?’ (What he meant is that their will also be people in hell who will remain in there for ever and at least this person is better than those. I have this doubt that I may be from those who will remain for ever in hell and I do not wish for this that is why I desire that I am not from them, and at lease I am from the ones that will come out from hell even if I am the last one to come out, at least I will come out of that trauma)

Sufyan Thauri states that whoever becomes confident on his religion Allah afflicts him with ‘not having any fear’. Imam Abu Hanifa used to say that the Iman (Faith) of a lot of people is taken from them at the time of death. (Because Satan tries extra hard at that time and uses all his powers to lead astray, only a few people are safe from his tricks) Allah protect us. Ameen.

The astonishment of the Angels:

Bishr Haafee states that when the Angels takes the soul of a believer and climbs into the heavens, and he has died on Islam, then the Angels are amazed and enquire that how was he able to save himself from the deception of the world?

Rabee bin Khaisam states that the flight of the soul is in the state of however he was at the time of his death. He mentioned the following incident as evidence to his point that I went to a person who was close to death. Whenever I would instruct him to recite Laa-ilaaha illallah he would do account of his Rupees that I still owe such a body so much and my money hasn’t arrived from there yet etc.

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