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Priceless Advices For All Workers Of Deen

Priceless Advices For All Workers Of Deen

By Shaykh Muhammad Saâd Kandhelvi

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about The Speaker
Hazrat Maulona Sa’d Sahib is the son of M<
the son of the illustrious Hazratjee, Maul i ^Qhrnuinii> .1.1
fliouh) of Nizamuddin. Hazrat Moulona Is currently one i»f ihe elders in the effort of Da’wat and Tobligh and li olio bo*- Nizamuddin, Indio.
About The Boo k
Before you is the edited translation of on exceptle (bayan) delivered in Musjid e Hilal – Durban, on Wednesday. Mm 2008 after the Maghrib Salah. The Bauan luos Indeed a very enlightening and inspiring one outlining the important guldellnei and principles of the great effort of Da’wat and Tobligh, and the ort of implementing the same. The speaker had stressed that all works of Deen enjoy a harmonious relationship; all are striving for one common cause, something grossly misunderstood by many. He has olio expounded on the lofty status of the Sunnah, the essential qualities (sifaat) for every individual to inculcate, etc. The illustrious speaker hot done a superb job elaborating on these issues and in clearing these misconceptions in a most diplomatic and tactful manner leaving no room for any person to hurl Qny sort of criticism against the various works of Deen, especially the effort of Da’wat and Tablrgh.
Furthermore, the book includes sterling advices of many senior Ulama, namely; Hazrat Maulana Vunus Patel Sahib, Hazrat Maulana flbdul Hamid Ishaq Sahib, Mufti €brahim Salejee Sahib, Mufti €brahim Desol Sahib, Mufti Zubair Bayat Sahib, Maulana Ahmed Khatani Sahib and Hazrat Sheikh Moulano Muhammad Zakariyya Khandelvi Sahib.
Published By: DHRUL MRZ€€D
P.O.Box 561
Stanger, 4450
South Africa
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Title: Priceless Advices – For All Workers of Deen
Speaker: Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Sa’d Sahib, of Nizamuddin
Date And Venue: A lecture delivered in Masjid e Hilal- Durban, South Africa, on 19 th Rabiul Awwal 1429 A.H; March 26, 2008
Translated and Prepared By: Maulana Zeyad Danka, under the guidance of Maulana Ahmed Khatani
First Edition: Rabiul-Akhir 1431 – April 2010 Second Edition: Jumadal Ukhra 1431 – May 2010
Published By: Darul Mazeed P.O. Box 561
Stanger 4450 South Africa
Contact Details: (sms/call) – 076 8686 100
Email –
Printed in: South Africa
Please forward all comments and suggestions to the Publisher. Persons wanting to sponsor or subsidise the distribution of this book, or require additional copies should also contact the Publisher; books posted on request.

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  1. MashaAllah, SubhanAllah, a very nice book but I need Urdu version. Can you please upload the Urdu version of this book?

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