How to cure the problems of magic and jinn

Remember! Remember! Remember!

Difficulties come from Allah and only Allah has to remove them
Difficulties come from Allah and only Allah has to remove them
Difficulties come from Allah and only Allah has to remove them

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Nothing can happen without pleasing Allah. The purpose of azkar is to remember Allah and establish a relationship with Allah. If you disobey Allah’s Messenger, no amount of charity will be of any use to you.

To get out of difficulties, first of all, change your thinking that one cannot do anything unless Allah wills it. That is, no one can harm anyone unless Allah wills harm and no one can benefit anyone unless Allah wills. When this is the case, then we should also turn to Allah instead of running here and there.

Taking account of oneself from the perpetrators is completely illegal and forbidden in the light of the sayings of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).
The prayers of such a person are not accepted and such a person has been considered as a denier of his religion by the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

Do not tell anyone your mother’s name. Those who perform Amliyat by asking the mother’s name, are magic Amils.

Protective Shield, Masnoon Azkar for Jaad and Jinn

Download the PDF file below by clicking Download. And all the duties from number one to number ten, to be done daily and always throughout life, tell all the family members, even the children get used to it.

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If there is a sick person or a small child who cannot read by himself, then someone else should recite it in the morning and evening and inhale it and also inhale it with water.

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