Purpose of Life

by Shaykh Mufti Muhammad Saeed Khan

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If you observe and think about different kinds of things around you, you will eventually come across the reality that Allah Ta’aala has created every thing with a purpose. He is exalted from having committed any unnecessary action. Each and every creation such as sky, earth, sun, moons and stars are beneficial to this universe. Life depends on water and oxygen. Soil that has the potential to give rise to beautiful gardens and flowers is also capable of diminishing huge constructions and civilizations. Iron has the potential for eternity. Human nations use it to defend themselves. No real war or striving in the path of Allah has ever been done without using iron. Plants, trees and herb serve in satisfying hunger for humans and other animal species. Animals are used for riding and eating their meat. In fact Allah Ta’aala has put benefits in each and every creation and there lies a definite purpose behind each and every creation. Nothing has been created extra or unnecessary. Even a purpose lies behind the creation of a scorpion sting and the snake poison.
After it has been recognized that all kinds of things in this universe have been created with a definite purpose and are beneficial, it becomes necessary and important to ponder upon the fact that what is the purpose of a human life? The universe in which each and every thing, whether a tiny particle or the sun, has been created with wisdom and for a purpose, how is it possible that the creation of this great human being was done without any purpose? How is it possible that the human being who was bestowed with the honorable designation of Khilafah 1 and with the trust that skies, earth and mountains were unable to bear was created without any purpose? Therefore, it is imperative to ponder about what purpose lied behind the creation of a human being?
Allah the exalted says in the Holy Qur’an:

Translation: Did you think that we have created you without a purpose and you would not return towards me.
In another place, our attention has been drawn to this reality by the following verse:
.= j> jt- f. * . I * , – -Ml * – ? -|
Translation: Does man think that he will be left uncontrolled (without purpose)?
These verses clearly deny that a human was created without a purpose and he would not be reckoned for his deeds. Of course there definitely lies a purpose behind a human creation. In fact a human cannot estimate his real value and importance until he finds out what the purpose of his life is. It is a general law that value of each and every thing is determined on the basis of the purpose it had been created for. A thing is valuable and precious if and only if it fulfills the purpose it had been created for. For example, a person buys a buffalo and takes care of her for the purpose of getting milk. This means that life of that buffalo will be important and thus precious to that person as long as it continues to give milk. Whenever it stops giving milk, its purpose for being taken care of would no longer exist and thus it would be handed over to the butcher. So the real value of things is determined by the fact whether the purpose of their existence has been fulfilled or not. If a person wants to warm up water, he may tear off pages of a scholarly book one by one and let them burn below a pot containing water. Of course he will get the water warmed up but the purpose for which the book was written would be in vain.


Same is the case with the human, that is, if he leads his life according to its purpose, he will justify his survival in this world. If he ignores the purpose on the other hand, his life would be useless and deeds would have no weight. This is a law of nature that any such person or nation is given surety of survival who leads its life according to the purpose. On the other hand if a person or a nation ignores the purpose of its life or stays away from it, there is nothing to save it from destruction. The law and concept of SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST justifies itself on the scales of both Shariah 5 and wisdom. Allah Ta’aala says in the holy Qur’an

Translation: For the scum, {that mounts up to the surface of water as well as to the surface of different metals during the process of melting) disappears like froth cast out; while that which is for the good of mankind remains on the earth. Thus do Allah set forth parables.
What is the purpose of our life? Do we know this fact? If we do know this fact and lead our life according to that purpose and strive day and night to achieve it, then we have the real right to live in this world. In this case no nation can be more fortunate compared to us, both in this world and in the hereafter. On the other hand if we are leading our life contrary to that purpose, we are a burden on this earth that should be removed soon. We do not have the right to get benefits from this universe and we would be removed sooner or later. Consequently those individuals and nations will replace us who would recognize their purpose of life and would make the people recognize their importance. Time does not help those individuals and nations who do not have the ability to prove worthiness of their existence though they still try to justify right of their survival by narrating stories of their past. In order to prove our right to live in this world it is extremely important to prove worthiness of our existence and let the world recognize our qualities. Otherwise time is passing so fast that anyone leading his life without the real purpose would be proved worthless and thrown out into a state of humility.

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