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Salaat Is Your’s Correct

Salaat Is Your’s Correct

By Shaykh Fazlur Rahman Azmi

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Punctuality and correct performance of Salaat

After Imaan, Salaat is the most important principle of Islam. It is thus quite understandable why the Shariat has so greatly emphasized the importance of its correct performance, punctuality with regard to it etc. It must be clearly understood that Salaat will only be accepted if it is performed in accordance with the Sunnah. Even a slight deviation from this negates the value of Salaat. Furthermore the foundation for the success of the believers has been placed on Salaat. Those believers who are neglectful or do not perform their Salaat correctly have been warned of annihilation and destruction.
Allah Ta’ala says in the Quraan:
Safeguard your Salaat and (especially) the middle Salaat (i.e. Asr
Salaat) and stand before Allah with humility. 1
The word “Safeguard” in the above Aayat refers to among other things, performing the Salaat on its prescribed time and to be steadfast in the performance of Salaat to the extent that not a single Salaat is missed. 2
Hafiz Ibn Kathir (R.A) explains “Safeguard” as:
“The laws and performance of Salaat should be safeguarded.”
From some narrations it has been observed that some people had been neglectful and indolent in the performance of Salaat with Jamaat (congregation). It is regarding them that this Aayat was revealed. Upon the revelation of this Aayat, Rasulullah p admonished the Sahaba (R.A) and said: “People should refrain from staying away from the Masjid (and perform their Salaat at home) or else I will burn their homes.” 3
The Asr Salaat has been particularly stressed upon as this is the time when people are generally occupied in worldly activities. As a result, they procrastinate in its performance or they simply discard it altogether.

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