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Shortcut to get search engine ranking

Shortcut to get search engine ranking

(Mujahid Khattak)
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Be it a war, be it a game of chess, be it a game of cricket, or the complete life of a human being. There are two approaches to achieving success in all of these. One focuses on the details, while the other looks at things from a higher point of view. Let’s stop it here for a while.

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People running websites or YouTube channels are aware of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The website or channel that gets the top position in the search has become a success. This is the key to success and in turn making money.

Every website or YouTube channel is currently in a race to increase its ranking in search engines. Their number goes into billions. Google is the world’s largest search engine and YouTube is the second-largest search engine. These two search engines are also the biggest source of traffic, hence the focus is also placed on them.

Now back to our first point. As in other areas of life, there are two approaches to achieving high search engine rankings. In one, you read SEO techniques and try them out to get higher in search.

Google itself has stated that it uses more than two hundred parameters to rank any website. It is impossible to use all of them but there are twenty-five parameters that can be followed for successful SEO.

But using even these twenty-five techniques is a very difficult, long, and laborious task. It is actually a strategy to achieve success by focusing on the details in which you understand tools like Search Console, dive into the sea of Google Analytics, and struggle with building backlinks, and keyword research. I wander around, researching short keywords and long keywords, studying successful websites or channels in my field, and struggling to increase domain authority. It is a very long road that most people get tired of walking.

Another strategy is what’s called a holistic approach, in which you put the details aside and set a broad-level plan and start implementing it.

All the websites I have built in my life have been ranked high in Google searches within a few months. I have made dozens of websites successful and have never gone into detail. Have barely even looked at Search Console, never used Google Analytics for personal websites, and never thought much about keywords, yet every website has been successful. The reason for this success is Google’s temperament.

First, it’s important

First, it’s important to understand that when you work on a website, take the reader out of your mind and make decisions with Google in focus. If it’s a YouTube channel, just keep the viewer in mind when creating thumbnails, and focus on the YouTube mood while working on all other aspects.

From here I will only talk about Google, but all of these principles apply to YouTube as well. The Google search engine basically finds out which websites specialize in any given topic. This one thing is heavy on all SEO techniques. If you understand this, your every website will be successful. Let’s understand this.

Suppose a person runs an online honey business and wants to improve the search ranking of his website, then he should prove himself to Google as an expert on the subject. A simple way is to add quality articles on your website about different flavors of honey, its preparation, its benefits, research on it, its types, and so on. Within three to four months, Google will consider this website as an expert in the field of honey and will immediately increase its ranking.

But here are a few things to understand. The most important of these is that you plan in the form of an upside-down tree. At the top are the articles that are related to the main issues. Like there is an article about types of honey, another about its benefits, third about its preparation. It covers your topic comprehensively.

After that, the sub-topics of each article should be written. There should be a detailed article on each type of honey, separate articles should be written on each of its benefits, and more articles should be written on different methods of its preparation. In the main article, links to these sub-articles should be provided so that whoever comes to your website goes to as many pages as possible.

This website has two levels, in the third level sub-articles select aspects that can be further sub-written. Let it be like a tree from the root of which the trunk grows, the branches grow on it, and the leaves appear on those branches.

But first, do thorough research on Google, study successful websites, make a plan, complete the paperwork on all three levels, look at Google results using different keywords and their keywords. Add them to each article.

This is the most shortcut recipe to success, Google hates random websites, and websites with all kinds of content are very difficult to rank.

Here it is important to keep in mind that whatever content you put on the website should be your original, not stolen from somewhere else, words should be your own, well laid out, with the internal link in it Be put in, whatever aspect you talk about don’t let it be left wanting but cover it from every aspect.

second thing

The second thing is that on whatever topic you create a website, it must be searched in Google. If you create a website on a topic that has only a few thousand monthly searches, then you will not be successful.

There is one more important aspect to be mentioned here so that you can become Google-savvy.

Over time, search engine behavior is changing. 10 to 15 years ago, when we used to create a website, we used to put keywords at the end of the website, which improved the ranking quickly. Now, this method gives reverse damage.

Now Google decides the ranking by looking at the behavior of people searching for any topic. Suppose someone sees a link to your website in search and clicks on it, and after a few seconds he comes back and clicks on another link, Google will understand that your website did not find the information he was looking for. If too many people do this, your website will be pushed far back by Google and it will be very difficult to come back.

So keep your content interesting, add images, if possible add videos as people like videos more than text these days. Also, include other links to your website so that the visitor keeps moving around to your website, without having to go back to Google and click on another link.

If you follow this method, the website will be 100% successful between three months to six months. This is a personal experience that has been successful every time.
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