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Taleem ul Islam

Taleem ul Islam

By Shaykh Mufti Muhammad Kifayatullah (r.a)

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Q. How to offer salaah of 3 or 4 rak’aat ?

A. The first two rak’aat should be said in the same way as

explained above. And in the qa’ada (sitting), darood sharee/ should not be recited after tashah-hud. Instead, stand up saying takbeer.

If the salaah is waajib, sunnah or nafl then in the following rak’ah recite tasmiyah, al-Faatihah and another surah. If it is afard salaah, then in the third and fourth rak’aat only alFaatihah but not another surah should be recited.

Complete the three or four rak’aat and then sit in the qa’da and recite tashah-hud, darood and du ‘a and then say salaam, ending the three or four rak’aat.

Q. Can we say three rak’aat of sunnah or nafl prayer?

A. No. Sunnah and nafl salaah are said in units of two or four rak’aat, never three.

Q. What is the correct way of doing ruku ‘ ?

A. For ruku’, the head and waist should be on the same level. The head should neither be higher nor lower than the waist-line and both the hands should be kept away from the ribs and the knees be held tightly.

Q. What is the correct way of doing sajdah ?

A. Sajdah should be done in such a way that the palms rest on the ground, the wrist and elbows are raised from the ground. The abdomen should not touch the thighs. The hands should be kept away from the ribs also.

Q. What is counted on the Hngers after saying the prayers?

A. Subhaanallaah 33 times; Al-hamdu lil-laah 33 times; and Allaahu akbar 34 times. There is great reward in doing so.

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