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The Islamic Concept Of Animal Slaughter

Qazi Mujahidul Islami Qasmi

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Moderation and balance are the greatest hallmarks of Islamic Shariah. Islam neither advocates excess nor scarcity in the issues pertaining to human life. It neither allows a person to become the slave of his instincts nor does it strangulate the natural needs and physical necessities of a human being.. Islam provides a system of the welfare and well being of the mankind instead of enslaving and jeopardizing its very existence.

Therefore, these inimitable qualities of balance, harmonization with the nature, logical explanations for its injunctions and attaching due weightage to wisdom and rationale in all the matters are its unique hallmarks.
Food and nutrition are fundamental requirements of human life. However, certain religions consider material advancement and consumption even slightly beyond the bare survival level as bad and unethical. Furthermore, some of them have presumed these worldly pursuits as an impediment in the course towards the Almighty. Surprisingly enough, on the second extremity, some religions and systems of life refused to have any restrictions or boundations. Man was placed at the highest echelons and thus, everything was made permissible
and subservient to him.

Taking the human psyche into consideration, Islam has encouraged economic pursuits. The Holy Qur’an has termed the wealth as “blessing” (2:215) and a “bounty” (62:10). Moreover, Islam has allowed all those nutritional foods that are required for the growth and existence of the human body. It not only allows consumption of vegetarian food but also allows non-vegetarian foods, as both of them are necessary for sustaining and strengthening the human body. However, some foodstuffs may have a harmful effect on the human beings

A Brief Introduction

In the Name of Allah – the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate Food and nutrition has a very important place in the human life. Food is not only essential for physical development of human being but in fact it is vital for survival itself. It also plays an important role in the formation of human nature, temperament and morality; therefore, all the religions have placed great importance on the issue of permissibility and prohibition regarding the foodstuff.

Islam has provided superb and pious standards to every aspect of human life through various commands. In the same manner it has also taken into consideration piety, purity and cleanliness while providing instructions for prohibition and permissibility of food stuff as the use of such food articles not only augments physical purity but also adds to spiritual upswing.

For these purposes, the Shariah contains guidance on the foodstuff especially those obtained from animals so that they guarantee health for the body, well-being of the human nature and sublimity of soul and morality.

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