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The Preservation of Hadith

The Preservation of Hadith – A Brief Introduction to the Science of Hadith

By Shaykh Ibrahim Madni

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Table of Contents

Introduction xi

Introduction to the Study of Hadith 1

Preservation of Hadith 1

Two Types of Revelation: The Spoken and the Unspoken 3

Upholding the Meaning of the Qur’an 7

The Methodologies of Preservation of Hadith 7

The Sharp Memory of Ibn Rahwai 10

The Sharp Memory of Abu Zur’a 1 1

Wahshl’s 4 Memory 13

Love For Knowledge 14

The Principle of Practice 17

Documentation 18

The Collection of Abu Huraira <$> 20

The Book of Anas ;#> 21

The Different Types of Hadith Books 22

The Sahlh and Da’lf Hadith 24

Branches of Ahadlth According to the Chain 26

The Definition of a Sahlh Hadlth 26

Do Bukharl and Muslim Contain All the Authentic Ahadlth? 29 Is A Hadlth Given Preference Because it is in Bukharl or Muslim? 30 The Six Books of Hadlth and the Objectives of the Imams 31 Brief Biographies of the Great Hadlth Masters 34


It is not possible in this day and age to comprehend the great sacrifices that were made by the hadith masters [muhaddithln] or the difficulties and barriers they struggled to overcome for the preservation of hadith. It is a result of these sacrifices that today each word, in fact each letter of the ahadlth are fully preserved. The rules the hadith masters established to preserve the hadith and by which this branch of knowledge became a distinct science are necessary for one to learn and make headway into both the knowledge of hadith and principles of hadith [usill al-hadith\ .

This short booklet is written to introduce the reader to the knowledge of hadith. It discusses important issues such as how the hadith were compiled, the preservation of hadith, principles regarding the authenticity and weakness in a hadith, the importance of hadith and the various types of hadith books. It ends with short biographies of some of the famous hadith masters. This booklet may be looked upon as a first step in acquiring the insight that is necessary for advancing in this science. After reading this booklet, if one feels a renewed connection with the hadith, it is hoped that it will be a way of salvation for its author. The readers are requested to pray for the author, his parents and his family and that Allah bless them in this world and the Hereafter.

Ibrahim Madani June 2010

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