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The Reality of Worldly Life

The Reality of Worldly Life

By Shaykh Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar

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As judged in the pithy and elegant sayings of the Holy Prophet of Islam <^*i*&v^) a collection of selected sayings from the famous Book Mishkat Sharif (A book of Traditions of the Holy Prophet (pi**j*igLr) which stir and soften human hearts have been made for the study benift of educated Muslims.

Compiled by Maulana Hakim Mohammad Akhtar, Nazimabad, Karachi.

Translated into English by Q.M. Saeed, B.A., B.Ed.


Hazrat Maulana Ashiq Elahi of Buland Shehr (India) advised me (the compiler Maulana Muhammad Akhtar) to divert my efforts towards compilation of Traditions of the Holy Prophet <,i-w*A\» after 1 had completed my work on compilation of the meanings of Math-navi of Hazrat Maulana Jalal-ud-Dm Rumi. With the blessings of Maulana Ashiq Elahi, 1 was inspired to make a selection of the Traditions from the Kitab-ul-Raqaq of Mishkat Sharif. This chapter of the Mishkat deals with the shortccommings of love for the worldly life whic his the base and root of all sins and moral iantacies While explaining the important points of Kitab-ul-Raqaq. the most famous explanatory work of Mishkat Sharif — Mazahir-i-Haq has been consulted as the major source for my compilation. I pray to Allah, the Exalted, that this compilation of the Holy Traditions meets with popular public acclamation and proves to be a useful piece of Islamic Literature.

“O our lord Sustained accept (this humble effort) from us surely You are All-Hearing. All-Knowing. And peace and blessings are invoked for the leader of all Prophets (The Prophet of Islam) and ail praise is for Allah, the Sustainer of all the worlds

Maulana Hakim Muhammad Akhtar

4-9* Vi, Nazimabad,

Karachi No: 18 (Pakistan)

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