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The Teaching of Islam Taleem ul Islam

The Teaching of Islam [Taleem ul Islam]

By Mufti Kifayatullah Dehlvi

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Q. How is it to do the miswaak and what is the method of doing it? A. Miswaak is sunnat-mu’akkadah. There are great blessings for

it. It is also very beneficial. The miswaak should be of a bitter taste from a Neem tree or a Piloo tree. It should not be more than eight inches long. Miswaak should be washed before and after use. Miswaak should be applied, first to the right side of the teeth and then to the left. It should be done three times, each time fresh water should be taken.

Q. How is it to gargle?

A. Gargling is sunnat in wuduu’ and ghusul, but it should not be done when one is fasting. Water should be put into the mouth by the right hand.

Q. What is the method of putting water into the nose?

A. The water should be taken into the right hand, placed below the nostrils and be taken in by inhaling. One should not inhale so much that the water goes into the head. When one is fasting, he should pass water into the nostrils only by hand and not by inhaling. Passing water into the nose and gargling are also sunnat-mu’akkadah.

Q. To do khilaal of what part of the beard is Sunnat?

A. It is sunnah to do khilaal in the inner and lower parts of the beard. Washing of hair which grows on the face 1s fard.

Q. How to do khilaal of the fingers?

A. Khilaal of fingers means that the fingers of one hand should be put into the fingers of the other hand and then be pulled out together. Khilaal of the toes is done by the little finger of the left hand, beginning from the little toe of the right foot and ending with the little toe of the left foot.

Q. How to do masah of the whole head?

A. Wet both hands and put them on each side of the forehead, below the hair. Then push your hands (palm along with fingers) up to the nape. Then bring them back to the forehead. Remember that they should have passed over the whole of the head.

Q. Should one take fresh water for masah of the ears?

A. No. The water for masah of the head will suffice. Masah inside the ears should be done by the first index fingers of both the hands and on the outside by the thumbs.

The Mustahibbaat in Wuduu’ (Remaining Rules)

Q. Is it sunnah or mustahab to begin wuduu’ from the right?

A. Some ‘ulamaa (scholars) say it is sunnat and some mustahab.

Q. How to do masah on the back of the neck?

A. Masah on the back of the neck should be done by the back of the fingers of both the hands. Masah on the front of the neck is a bid’at (innovation) and is not allowed.

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