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Top 10 Required Skills for SEO Professionals

Top 10 Required Skills for SEO Professionals.

(Syed Abdulwahab Shah)

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  1. Keyword Research Skills.
  2. Technical SEO Skills. 1
  3. Google Search Console Skills.

4.Google Analytics Skills.

  1. Link Building Skills.
  2. On-Page SEO Skills.
  3. Mobile SEO Skills.
  4. Local SEO Skills.
  5. 9. CRO Skills.
  6. 10. Hands-on Experience With Popular SEO Tools.

Other things.



Top 10 Required Skills for SEO Professionals

If you want to start SEO, the first step is to find out what are the 10 must-learn SEO things. If you master these ten things, then you can do SEO work and earn money from this skill by increasing your experience.

1. Keyword Research Skills

To become an SEO expert, it is important to develop the ability to do keyword research within yourself.

These are words that are similar to the website’s objectives. For example, if your website is related to property, you should know the words used in this field. And they have to use the words differently in your website’s paragraph categories and tags.

The purpose of all this is that when any search engine, including Google, starts searching for the property, your pages will be at the top or appear immediately in the search.

2. Technical SEO Skills

There are some technical things in SEO that are also important to know. For example, how to create sitemaps, URLs for different pages, and adding keywords to those URLs that are relevant to your page’s niche.

A few other technical things to know.

Removing damaged and broken links.

Creating an XML Sitemap

Having basic HTML and CSS skills.

Optimizing Page Tags

Schema markup

Managing metadata.

Be sure to check out this guide from Google to improve your SEO skills.

3. Google Search Console Skills

The third thing to master as an SEO is knowing Google Search Console.

Google Search Console is a free tool provided by Google. With the help of this tool you can optimize the performance of your website and keep an eye on the weaknesses in your website. To take advantage of this tool, you need to connect your website to Google Search Console. And knowing how to connect a website to a search console is essential to becoming an SEO master. Search Console also shows your website’s performance by region, which region and country your website is performing in.

Search Console also provides live visitor information.

Search Console also reports crawl errors.

4. Google Analytics Skills

Google Analytics is also a free tool provided by Google that allows you to analyze your website in detail.

Google Analytics tells you when the traffic is coming to your website, where it is coming from, what reference it is coming from, what time it is coming, who is visiting your website, what are their ages, What is their gender, what is their language, on which device your website is viewed the most, which pages of your website are being viewed the most.

5. Link Building Skills

Link-building skills are also essential to mastering SEO. Google’s algorithm reaches good websites through link building.

Link building means that your website should have links to other major websites, as well as other websites, should have links to your website. So the SEO expert links the words in his pages with good websites.

But here it is important to be careful not to violate Google’s link-building guidelines.

6. On-Page SEO Skills

On-page SEO means that you make certain settings on the page of your website that make it convenient for the visitor, without facing any problem.

For example, you should use headings, so that the visitor immediately reaches what he is looking for on your page, thus the visitor will save time and be happy.

Another important thing in on-page SEO is the meta description. That is, your website and pages should have a meta description that Google will show in search results. The benefit to the visitor is that he will immediately reach the desired page by clicking on the correct link according to his search.

Since Google itself helps people reach the right pages, if your page has good on-page SEO, your page will rank in Google immediately.

7. Mobile SEO Skills

In today’s era, everyone has a mobile phone in their hands. And more than eighty percent of people see and search everything on mobile. People like fast loading pages, short but concise content when searching on mobile.

These are the things for which mobile SEO is very important to know. Mobile SEO is slightly different from desktop SEO.

Because search results on mobile are slightly different from desktop, this difference is due to region, mobile devices, internet speed and other factors.

Help can be taken from Google Guide to develop mobile SEO skills.

8. Local SEO Skills

Local SEO is actually a subset of SEO. Local SEO means that your business, or website, is related to something local, that is, a particular place, such as a shop, an office, a particular area. So then you have to adopt such SEO techniques that your data will show you with all the details in Google search.

To achieve this goal you need to enter all the details on your pages as well as get help from Google Business, a free tool from Google. On Google Business you enter your data and details and link it with the website. In this way, Google shows your business in a new design with full details in its results, including your address, phone number, website, and Google Map details.

9. CRO Skills

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) means not only achieving the goal of your website but increasing it.

When you create a website, it has a purpose. For example, you want to sell something. First you have to drive traffic to the website, then when the traffic starts coming, now you have to see how many people are buying? For example, if one hundred visitors came and only two people made a purchase, that means your CRO is two percent.

And if you get 1,000 visitors and only 20 people make a purchase, your CRO is still only 2%.

Increasing this percentage is called CRO.

It is very important for an SEO master to know what techniques should be adopted to achieve this goal. Because you are bringing traffic, but if the goal of bringing traffic is not being achieved, then there is no point.


The following are essential for a CRO:

  1. Call-to-action, or sign-up, or buy-now button
  2. AB Testing. AB testing means you create two or three different pages and test them to see which page is increasing the CRO. For example, ten percent discount on one page, fifteen percent discount on another. The design of one page is different from another page. One type of images on one page, another type of images on another page, etc

10. Hands-on Experience With Popular SEO Tools

To become an SEO expert it is also important to know the essential tools that help you improve your website’s SEO.

For example

Ahrafs Webmaster Tool

Seamrush tool

Moz SEO Tool

Screaming Frog

Other things

In addition to these ten skills, there are other things that an SEO manager must have.

  1. Critical thinking

That is, you should have critical thinking, look at everything critically and analyze them, then find a solution.

  1. Digital marketing skills

That is, how and where to market anything on media and social media.

  1. Communication skills

Your good communication skills are very useful in achieving your goals. If you can have a good conversation, you can sell soil.

  1. Project management skills

It is also very important to organize your project so that you can achieve maximum goals with less time, less capital. If your work is not organized, time will be wasted and capital will also be wasted.


SEO is a continuous learning process, no one can become an expert in a day. As technology evolves over time, internet algorithms including Google YouTube Facebook keep changing. So this learning process is always ongoing.

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