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Top 15 Tips for Content Marketing

Top 15 Tips for Content Marketing

( Syed Abdul wahab Shah )

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Even more powerful than SEO is content marketing behind any successful online business. Now the question arises:


What is the content?.

What are the benefits of content marketing?

15 Top Tips for Better Content Marketing.

  1. Make a plan.
  2. Do not publish temporary content.
  3. Consider the needs of both people and search engines.
  4. SEO and social sharing.
  5. Look at your skills.
  6. Publish detailed content.
  7. Publish engaging content.
  8. Make the content beautiful
  9. Work continuously.
  10. Understand the importance of the title.
  11. Compare your content.
  12. Worry about promoting your content.
  13. Divide your content into categories.
  14. Keep testing your strategy. 3
  15. Adopt a long-term strategy.


What is the content?

Content refers to anything that is published on a web page. It can be text, image, video, audio, or PDF.

What are the benefits of content marketing?

Content marketing has many benefits.

  1. For example, through content, you get traffic from Google searches.
  2. Good content gets shared by people on social media, which gets a lot of traffic.
  3. Traffic spends more time on good content.
  4. Visitors express their opinions on good content.
  5. Good content makes your brand famous, etc.

15 Top Tips for Better Content Marketing

1. Make a plan.

Whatever form the content is in, videos, audio, or written form, your choice should be good. It is very easy that you are picking content from anywhere and put it on the website, but it does not benefit you. You plan well, think with your mind, see the need of people and then choose the content accordingly.

2. Do not publish temporary content

While choosing the content keep in mind that your content should be evergreen. That is, content that is time-sensitive is of little use. You should create content that is still benefiting people and fulfilling their needs five, ten, or twenty years from now. For example, if you publish news content, it is a temporary thing, after a few days, the news becomes a part of the past. Therefore, your content should be such that it fulfills the need of every age.

3. Consider the needs of both people and search engines.

Your job shouldn’t just be the practice of just finding anything and publishing it. Rather, you also look at the needs of the people and look at the demand of the search engines.

Create content that people need and people are looking for. Similarly, while publishing the content, keep in mind the rules set by the search engines. Even if you create and publish content that people need, but don’t take care of search engine principles ie SEO, your content will not reach many people.

A search engine’s job is to give people the best results for their search queries. The search engine has created its own algorithm to find these results, it is also important to organize your content according to this algorithm.

4. SEO and social sharing

Also optimize your content for SEO and then share that content on social media. Social media is the best way to get traffic. If your content is useful to people, people will continue to share it and you will continue to get traffic.

5. Look at your skills

Consider your expertise and your field when publishing content. The same content may be effective depending on your expertise or your field and sector. If you publish content that you don’t know about, you might end up publishing something wrong, which will damage the value of your website and your articles, and people won’t trust you.

6. Publish detailed content.

Research and experiments have shown that detailed content is more liked than short content. Especially on social media, written content that is detailed enough and covers every aspect of the topic gets shared a lot.

But in my experience, video content is different. In videos, people prefer shorter videos, fewer people watch videos longer than five minutes, while more people watch videos less than five minutes.

7. Publish engaging content.

People prefer content that has a lot of information, with a title that grabs people’s attention. For example:

  • 10 Biggest Dams in the World
  • 15 Ways to Build a Website
  • 9 Benefits of Eating Apples
  • How to make korma
  • 5 Ways to Protect Your Battery


8. Make the content beautiful

It is also very important to pay attention to the formatting of the content. If your content is written, beautify it with headings, subheadings, paragraphs, full stops, commas, brackets, and numbering. These things also facilitate the reader and are also important for search engine optimization.

And if your content is in the form of video or audio, then don’t just record and upload it, but make it more beautiful by editing it using editing software. Cut out junk from the beginning, end, and middle, and improve sound quality.

Similarly, it is better to use a combination of all three in your content rather than just written content or just image content. That means your post should have text, images, and videos.

9. Work continuously.

Consistency is very important for success in any task. If you start a task on impulse and leave it after a few days, your hard work will be wasted. Do a little work of course, but do it consistently. Make a schedule for yourself, for example: make one post or one video every day. Or one after two days, or one in a week. Then continue the work on the same schedule for several years in a row.

10. Understand the importance of the title

Whether the content is written or in the form of a video, the title of the content is very important. It’s the title that tells search engines what the content is about, and it’s the title that tells people what the content is about. If your title is not beautiful, catchy and attractive, you may lose traffic.

11. Compare your content.

Remember that you are not alone in the internet world, there are mountains out there. You have to face mountains much bigger than you. Therefore, before creating content, do good research on Google, Facebook, and YouTube for that kind of content you want to create, how are the people who have created it before? And what are its advantages and disadvantages? Ignore those flaws, embrace the strengths, and look for further improvements.

12. Worry about promoting your content.

Don’t assume that people will find and reach your content after you publish it, but do the work of promoting it yourself after you publish it. You can also use Google Ads or Facebook Ads for advertising, and also advertise on social media platforms for free. Work on getting your content to social media followers, it gets immediate results and good publicity too.

13. Divide your content into categories.

When your website is overloaded with content, visitors find it difficult to find something specific. To solve this problem, divide your content into different categories based on topics so that both visitors and search engines are Easy to find what you want.

14. Keep testing your strategy.

Keep testing the strategy you have adopted over time, change the strategy if you are not getting success. Study successful people and websites and see what strategies they have adopted. Also, study analytics from Google Search Console, and Google Analytics and address vulnerabilities.

15. Adopt a long-term strategy

While working on the internet, adopt a long-term strategy rather than a short-term strategy, very few people get immediate success in the internet world, you should create a strategy that will show results late but will last for a long time. Should.

You will get instant results from Facebook or Google Ads but these results will end the day your money runs out. On the contrary, if you optimize content, and focus on SEO and marketing, the results may appear late, but those results will be long-lasting.

These were some of the tips you can adopt to best market your content. You always need to be up-to-date because the internet world is changing every moment, search engines keep changing their algorithm after a while, keep track of these changes and adapt yourself and your strategy accordingly. It is also important to change.


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