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Using A Blog to Increase E-Commerce Website Traffic

How to Use a Blog to Increase Traffic and Sales of Your Ecommerce Store

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How to Use a Blog to Increase Traffic and Sales of Your Ecommerce Store.

Reduce reliance on paid advertising.

Building links.

Internal links.

Social media marketing.

Customer-to-customer communication channel

Brand trust

What topic to blog about?.

A blog about customer guidance.

Write your story:

Where to blog:


Using A Blog to Increase E-Commerce Website Traffic

(syed abdulwahhab sherazi)

Blogging plays a very important role in improving the ranking of any website. In today’s article, we will see how you can improve the ranking of your e-commerce website by creating a blog, thereby getting a lot of traffic.

Reduce reliance on paid advertising.

It is usually advised that you create a website, then put up products, then put paid ads on Facebook or Google. There is no doubt that there is a lot of profit in this way, but there is never room for paid advertising, so in such a case blogging is a great alternative to these paid advertisements. Although the results may not be immediate, blogging pays off in the long run when the results start coming.

Building links.

Every website needs off-page SEO, an important part of off-page SEO is link building, one way to do this is to make your website powerful enough that people find your website on their own. Referral, another way is to request someone to put your link on their website, but this is also a very difficult task and no one is willing to do this. The third and easier method is blogging, that means you create a blog on your various platforms and put your domain links there, it’s free and easy too.

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Internal links

Another advantage of blogging is that your blog will have a large number of internal links pointing to your products.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is very important for e-commerce. Now sharing products on social media doesn’t bring as much traffic as blogging does. You can post good articles, stories and photos on your blog and share them on social media which will get you a lot of traffic.

Customer-to-customer communication channel

Your blog also acts as a communication channel between you and your customer. On the blog you can answer questions and make announcements, which strengthens your relationship with your customers.

Brand trust

When a person likes one of your products and wants to buy it, there is a question in his mind that I should not be scammed. So he searches Google to research more about your company. In such a situation, if you have two or four blogs and introduce your website and company there too, it will increase customer confidence.

What topic to blog about?

Better yet, you can blog on the same topic as your website. For example, if you sell clothes, the types of clothes, their manufacturing, their import and export, clothing factories, factories, etc. are many topics that you can research and write about.

Similarly, you can also look at the blogs of other e-commerce websites and get ideas from them.

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A blog about customer guidance

There are many topics that your customers are looking for, like how to use your product, how to protect it, etc. You should write about all these topics in detail in your blog.

Write your story:

In a blog you can write your story, people will love it, you can write about the start and growth of your company and business, how you started and how you grew.

Where to blog:

Now we come to where to blog. So the answer is that you can also post and blog on your e-commerce website, apart from buying a separate domain to create a blog website. And apart from these two you can create a blog on Google Blogger and Word Press Free Plan. There are many other platforms that provide free blogging but in my opinion WordPress and Google blogspot are the best.

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