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Was Ibn e Taymiyyah From the Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jamaah

Was Ibn e Taymiyyah From the Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jamaah

By Shaykh Muhammad Abu Bakr Ghazipuri (r.a)

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All praise is due on!y to Allaah. Wc laud Him and beseech His aid and beg forgiveness only from Wim and believe in Him and rely solely on Him. We seek salvation in Him from the evils of our inner selves and the vices of our actions. There is none to misguide one whom Allaah intends to guide. I bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship but Allaah, the One who has no partner. T also testify that Hadhrat Muhammad £$£ is the faithful servant and the Last Rasul of Allaah. May Allaah Ta’ala*,, mercy be on him, his family and his Sahabaah W&fflj® and may He bless them and raise their status.

This work can be divided into three parts – the first linking the statements of Ibn Taymiyah to the authentic Sufis, the second quoting some of the Ludicrous beliefs of the great icon of the Salafis and the third, as the appendix explains, that Ibn Taymiyah was not a true Alim by academic standards.

The current day Salafis, who at times label themselves as ‘Ahle Hadith’/ ‘Ghair Muqalids’ go to the extreme due to the lack of knowledge and deficiency in Tim. Due to their stubbornness they strongly criticize in vile languages the statements of reliable, pious Sufis and Uiema of Deoband. The able author Moulana Muhammad Abu Bkar Gha/.ipuri highlights those very statements which they are against as being totally similar to what their guide, their leader, their Imaam of Deen, the one whom they quote day and night, whom they call Shaykhul Islaam none other than Ibn Taymiyah holds. The author correctly asks them to rule on their Shaykhul Islaam.

Many a historical icon once probed and investigated proved to be a disaster.

The weird, strange, fallacious beliefs of Ibn Taymiyah are simplified yet again for answering by the current Salafis.

Lastly, from an academic view the status of Ibn Taymiyah is assessed. The reader is all along encouraged to be the judge and formulate an informed opinion of their own — not one propelled by propaganda and lop-sided information.

Few years ago even reliable scholars thought that noone was belter than Al-Bani but when his knowledge was un- vciicd he became history. Ibn Tayi man’s path to oblivion is following close by.

We make Duaa that Allaah Jalla Majdahu grants all of us the ability to follow and adhere to the way and pattern of the Ahtus Sunnat wal Jamaat A simple fomula is to be adherent Lo one of the Mazhabs of Fiqh.

A H Elias (Mufti)

May Allaah he with him. 1430/2009


Alhamdu lillahi Rabbit ‘alarmn

was salatu was sal a nut ‘aid sayyidil mursaltn

wa alihi wa sahhihi ajma ‘T/i.

These days many tribulations, various calamities and pains which Allaah alone knows afflict the Islaamic Ummah. Yet Allaah ‘azzu wa jalla does not oppress His slaves. These tribulations and calamities are due to what we have earned by way of our disobedience and sins. The only escape is to turn to Allaah and repent and strive against the ego and passions. We should have correct belief, perform pious deeds, abstain from disobedience, and be zealous in remembering Him, establishing the symbols and pillars of the Din, calling to the Quraan and Sunnah and entrenching divine law in our lives.

In the same way we are bound at the present moment to avoid everything which causes division and separation amongst the Islaamic body and hatred and jealousy in human society. The weakness, disgrace and humiliation we are suffering is due to nothing besides this disunity amongst Muslims and Islaamic groups and contempt for one another.

Our struggle in these evil conditions which the Muslims witness throughout the Islaamic world, is to hold on to Allaah ‘s rope, arrange our ranks and avoid all that causes disunity and dispute amongst Muslims. We should be a single hand, a single power and a single army against the enemies — the enemies of Islaam and the Muslims, the enemies of Allaah and His Rasui

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