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What is a Pillar page

What is a Pillar page and why is it important in SEO?

( Syed Abdul Wahab Shah )

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Table of Contents

What is a Pillar page?.

Pillar Page Features.

Why are Pillar Pages Important for SEO?.

How to create a pillar page?.

  1. What topics to create a pillar page on?.
  2. Choose one method. Pillar Pages or Topic Clusters?.
  3. Keywords Research.
  4. Plan and outline.
  5. Visual and auditory content.
  6. Google Featured Snippet.
  7. Revise the content.
  8. Promote your content.
  9. Work to be done in waiting hours.
  10. Pillar page monitoring process.
  • A Pillar page refers to a page that covers a particular topic in great depth and detail.
  • The Pillar page provides internal links to detailed articles on sub-topics, indicating that you have considerable expertise on those topics. This is considered very good from SEO point of view and search engines rank such pages quickly.
  • Pillar pages also make it very convenient for users to study every aspect of any topic on a single page. Thus, Pillar pages are the means to keep users on your page for a longer period of time.

What is a Pillar page?

A pillar page is a long page that discusses a particular topic in great detail. And each aspect of the topic is reviewed, and other internal links are given under subheadings for more detail.

Pillar Page Features

  1. Pillar pages are longer than a normal post.
  2. Pillar page content revolves around a single topic.
  3. The content of the Pillar page is divided into different sections.
  4. Each section of Pillar page content has sub-sections within it.
  5. Pillar page content should be at least three thousand words, and more is even better.
  6. The content of a Pillar page is divided and organized like tables, and many internal links are included.

Why are Pillar Pages Important for SEO?

Pillar pages provide convenience to both search engines and users and hence are of great importance in SEO. When people search on a search engine, the search engine tries to show the searcher content that meets his needs, so search engines prefer pages that have detailed content in response to search terms. be present Pages with detailed content are displayed at the top by search engines. A pillar page is a page that contains detailed content.

Pillar pages are a great way to showcase your expertise on any topic, and search engine ranking factors are heavily influenced by E-A-T (Experience-Authority-Trust).

Pillar pages are viewed as sources and authorities. Such pages also have a high chance of getting backlinks, and are also mentioned on social media.

Pillar pages are created by dividing detailed and difficult topics into simple and interesting tables. For example, you can check out our SEO, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce pillar pages.


An example of a pillar page is Wikipedia, where all the information about anything is on one page, and there are many other links on that page. This is the reason why whenever you search for something on Google, Wikipedia link is usually seen at the top because in Google’s view this page provides complete guidance to the users.


Puller pages can have many titles, but three titles are commonly used:

  1. How to do SEO?
  2. What is SEO?
  3. Best SEO Tools

How-To, What-Is and Five Best. From these topics you can create a pillar page.

What is a Pillar page

How to create a pillar page?

Keep these ten tips in mind for creating a pillar page

1. What topics to create a pillar page on?

Obviously the first thing you have to do is choose a topic. You should use your skills and knowledge to choose the topic. Choose topics on which you have more knowledge, have good skills and experience and start writing.

You can also take help of Google Trends to choose topics, grab the topic of what is trending around you and write in detail.

Consider the following while choosing a topic:

  • Choose topics that also have many subtopics.
  • Choose topics that can be written in great detail.
  • Choose topics that are not already on your website.
  • You can also convert existing short topics into pillar pages.

2. Choose one method. Pillar Pages or Topic Clusters?

After choosing a topic and content, the next step is to decide what pillar page you want to create. or to create topic clusters.

What is the difference between Pillar Page and Topic Clusters?

Definition of Pillar Page So I told you above that a single page on which every aspect of any topic is fully covered and written on that topic in great detail. While Topic Clusters means you create a page and write all the topics, sub-topics on that page and write its description under each topic in another page or post, that topic of that page or post. Links together, so there are as many pages or posts as there are topics, and each page or post links back to that page. As if this page only has titles or a short description of it, more details are in a separate page or post and this title links to this post and that post links to this page.

In summary you can do both these methods but I think the first method i.e. pillar page method is better because users don’t have to click again and again and they can see all the details in one place, print it. and save as source. While the other method creates a lot of pages which are difficult to use as source and also difficult to print.

3. Keywords Research

After choosing the topic and deciding on the methodology, the third task is “Keywords Research”. Now research the keywords related to your topic that you want to use in your content and titles. These keywords should be both short and long. Keywords can be things like:

Digital Marketing, eCommerce, SEO, Email Marketing, Google Adsense etc.

You can read our article “Keyword Research” for how to do keyword research.

Keep in mind a few things about the desired keyword

  • Be sure to use keywords in your pillar page URL.
  • Be sure to use keywords in your headings, sub-headings.
  • Use the keyword repeatedly in your content.

4. Plan and outline.

You have also found the topic, chosen the methodology and done the keyword research. Now in the fourth step, outline how you will do your work. The major advantage of sketching is that more work can be done in less time. So make sure to give some time for sketching and brainstorming.


Write the topics.

What is the content of each section?

Select the pages or posts to link to.

What will the page design look like?

What about photos, videos or other content?

answer the public email marketing What is a Pillar page

start work

Now start writing content under headings. There is no limit to how much you have to write, but the specialty of pillar pages is that they contain more detailed content. It is generally said that your pillar page should be 3,000 words.

Before and while writing content, studying your competitor’s pages is very important, it gives you a guideline as well as motivation.

Your content should be better than existing content in every respect. Then search engines will give it special attention.

5. Visual and auditory content

Along with the written content, if visual and audio content are also included, the importance of the page increases. Therefore, use images, audio, videos as much as possible.

The use of images or videos should not be overlooked as these things affect the loading speed of your page, so keep them as small as possible and use plugins that support them. Compress so that page loading speed is good.

6. Google Featured Snippet

Review content while or after writing content and optimize page content for Google Search Featured Snippets.

What are Google Search Featured Snippets?

When you search for anything, the search results show a couple of links followed by a few snippets, which are in the form of questions and answers.

What is a Pillar page

To make your content suitable for Google Search Featured Snippet, you can divide the content into different sections and number them using H1, H2 and H3.

7. Revise the content.

When you’re done, review your page again. Especially check the formatting of the page from SEO point of view.

  1. Have you done good on-page SEO and technical SEO?
  2. Have you used keywords in the title, URL and content?
  3. Are page titles, headings, subheadings, paragraphs, brackets, full stops, commas, etc. used?
  4. Are categories, tags and default featured image used?
  5. Are internal and external links created?
  6. Have you created a table of contents (list) of the page?

8. Promote your content.

You’re not done even after publishing your pillar page. Now you have to promote this page. Advertising should be done both internally and externally.

Insider Advertising Tips

Add your page to the main menu.

Add your page to the footer.

Add your page to the sidebar.

Link the pillar page on your blog.

Find other content similar to the pillar page content and link to the pillar page.

Tips for outdoor advertising

Send an email or newsletter to your customers.

Share to your Facebook page, pages and groups.

Share on your Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube post or story, Instagram, WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

Run a paid advertising campaign on Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

9. Work to be done in waiting hours.

You have created a pillar page, now you are waiting to see when your page gets a good rank in Google search. So it may take two to six months, so wait patiently. And in those waiting hours you write more articles and give references and links to your pillar page in them.

10. Pillar page monitoring process

Monitor your page occasionally to check that:

How many people visited the page?

How many people liked it?

How many people commented?

What is the CTR of the page?

To know what is CTR you can read this article: What is CTR & 7 Ways to Improve CTR

Keep studying Google Search Console and Google Analytics for monitoring.

Don’t worry, don’t rush it, it takes two to six months to rank in Google.




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