What is Organic Search? Easy Guide for Beginners

(by syed abdulwahhab sherazi)

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What is organic search?. 1

Why is organic search so important?. 1

How to get organic search?. 2

There are three types of SEO. 2

Best SEO Factors for Organic Search. 2

What is Organic Search?

Whether you’re running an online business, or have a website and put your products on it, doing more than just running your business requires marketing it. This marketing is done by running paid ads and also by doing good SEO without paying. So the traffic that comes to your website from search results without paying is called organic search traffic.

Consider the image below to understand this better.

Organic Search Results VS Paid Search Results
What is Organic Search?
When you search for something in Google, the first link at the top is usually an advertising link, with an ad (ad) written next to it. These ad links are sometimes one sometimes two or three. Then the subsequent links are coming in order based on the ranking. These links are called organic search.Ranking on top of these links is very important to drive more traffic to your website, and traffic from these links is very beneficial.

Why is organic search so important?

Traffic from organic search is important because the traffic comes from their own will. And he comes looking for something. If he came to your website on his own, he is very valuable to you.

Traffic from social media is less important than organic search, because it is under your control, you can share the link with your friends and request them to visit and they don’t come from your need. Rather, they visit the website even considering your friendship, so social media traffic is not so important in the eyes of Google.

Your website must have good SEO to benefit from organic search. Your website should have some content that people are looking for and they automatically come here looking for it.

What is Organic Search? SEO Rankings and CTR (Click Through Rate)
From the given image you can estimate that thirty percent of people click on the first link, fifteen percent on the second link, ten percent on the third, six percent on the fourth and only five percent on the fifth. This should give you an idea of ​​what your website ranking should be.The difference between paid search and organic searchPaid search is done through paid ads in the Google Ads program, while organic search is free and ranked by Google’s algorithm.

Both paid search and organic search (SEM) are part of search engine marketing.

The paid search system works through bidding, the higher the bid the higher the ad and the lower the lower the ad. This system is called PPC i.e. Pay Per Click. When creating an ad on Google Ads you are asked what PPC rate you want to set, the higher you set the better the result.

Another difference between paid search and organic search is that the result of paid search is immediate, while the result of organic search takes months and years.

How to get organic search?

As I mentioned above, organic search is the links that people see when they search on Google, and this position is not instant, it takes months and even years. The better the EO, the sooner the results will start coming.

There are three types of SEO.

  1. On-page SEO

That is, making some settings on the website page so that it can be easily found in Google search.

  1. Off Page SEO

That is, promoting your website, giving links to your website on other websites.

  1. Technical SO

That is, fixing technical glitches and creating improvements to the website.

Best SEO Factors for Organic Search

Make sure your content is structured with titles, sub-headings and paragraphs, numbers, brackets etc.

Make sure your website loads correctly on all devices, computer, tab, mobile.

Publish content that people are looking for and visitors are satisfied with.

Remember that copying and pasting from Google or other website to your website will not get you ranking, Google recognizes such content very easily. So your content should be unique and better than existing content.

To get organic search you also need link building, that is, other good and quality websites should have links to your website.

To get organic search you should also be good at keyword research, meaning you use keywords relevant to your content in your title, description, category, and tags.

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