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What is web 3.0

What is Web 3.0

What is the future of Internet Web 3.0?

(Syed Abdul Wahab Shah Shirazi)

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What is Web 3.0? First of all, understand that as everything gets updated over time, and its new generation comes with new features, so is Web 3, the next generation of Web 2.0. And from this, you must have known yourself that Web 2 is also the next generation of Web 1.0. Yes, that’s exactly it.

Web 1.0

1990 saw the launch of Web 1.0, in which you could only view, read, and interact with a static website, but you could not comment, chat, or interact there.

Web 2.0

Then in 2000 came its next-generation web 2.0 in which websites changed from static to dynamic, now you can comment, and chat. It was Web 2.0 that enabled the world to become social media, e-commerce websites, and social networks. Global trade routes opened up, online banking and remittance systems came into being, and everything else you’ve ever seen or done in the world of the Internet came into being.

Web 2.0 Issues

While on the one hand, there are a lot of conveniences that you have got after the advent of Web 2, there are also some things that threaten your privacy, because what you are doing on the Internet is not a few data centers, but four large data centers. (Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook) has it safe, and they have full control over it. Similarly, banks have control over your data, and can manipulate it whenever they want, if they manipulate just one rupee, you may not even know it, but the banks gain crores of rupees in a minute. will

What is Web 3.0

Web 3 is the latest and most secure version of the Internet. In which your data will be in the place of your choice instead of in a few specific data centers, and will be secure. Because Web 3 uses blockchain technology.

In Web 3 you will have access to thousands of data centers instead of two or four data centers. And one advantage will be that you will be able to use peer-to-peer (P2P) technology in it. That is, they will be able to directly communicate with each other. Because the HTTP protocol in web2 has a roadblock that you can’t do anything without crossing. But in web3 this HTTP protocol will not be in the way.

An example of this is when you go to a library to read a book, first you have to pass the security guard at the door, then open the door and then say to the librarian. Find such and such a book and then read that book. But in Web 3 all these barriers will disappear.

Your own data server

In Web 3.0, your data will be stored in your own data server instead of being stored with a third party, and no one else will be able to control it. In simple words, understand that your mobile, your computer, or your laptop can also become a data center, where you can store and live your data, but you can make your hard drive a data center for someone else and provide this facility. You will also be able to earn money. So now not only Amazon and Microsoft will earn money but you will also earn money by giving away your storage.
Another advantage of Web 3.0 is that since the data will be in thousands of data centers instead of a single data center if one server goes down, the website will not be down, but it will pick up data from another data center.

The special feature of Web 3.0 is that it will be decentralized, no one will be able to control it. That’s what the original internet was all about, which will slowly be phased out. It seems that after the arrival of Web 3, the Internet will return to its original state.

Web One consisted of hyperlinks, while Web Two consisted of social networks. And Web3 will consist of blockchain technology, which is not controlled by anyone and is also secure, no one will be able to hack it. As big governments now control all data in Web Two and can manipulate, and use it for their own political interests, in Web Three, this will all be lost.
Web 3.0 will not only have blockchain technology, but also AI, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. In today’s web, when you publish something, it leaves your hands, now it can be used by anyone around the world. For example, if you wrote an article or a book and put it on the Internet, now all your rights are not protected. But in Web3 all your rights will be protected and no one will be able to steal anything from you.

Thanks to AI in Web 3, you will be able to talk to machines, machines will show you better results, 3D in Web 3 will be easy to use, and everything will look closer to the original.

What is Internet

When is Web 3 coming?

After reading this entire article, the question must have arisen in your mind when is the website coming? He should come immediately. So the answer to this question is that we also want the same to come today, but big companies, big governments, and bankers will not allow this technology to come so quickly and easily.

The world is built on hope. Have good hope, Allah will do good.


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