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Word For Word Meaning Of The Quran

Word For Word Meaning Of The Quran

With explanatory notes, word meanings wtth cross-references and grammatical hints

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Author: Sheikh Muhammad Mohar Ali

Sheikh Mohar (d. 2007) was a former professor of Madinah University and Imam Muhammad University in Saudi Arabia. He authored numerous books of high academic caliber including: 
– Sirat un Nabi and the Orientalists,
– History of the Muslims in Bengal
– The Bengali Reaction to Christian 
Missionary Activities
– A Brief Survey of Muslim Rule in India
– The Quran and the Latest ‘Orientalist Assumptions (etc.)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الحمد لله رب العالمين والصلاة والسلام على سيدنا و نبينا محمد و آله أجمعين


All the praise is for Allah who has enabled me to complete the preparation of this Word for Word Meaning of the Qur’ân. The method and purpose of the work have been explained in the preface to the first part of this work which was published in 1998. That preface is reproduced hereafter for convenience of reference.

I started the project casually while working at the Madina Islamic University, translating the first few ‘âyahs of sûrat al-Baqarqah on 5. 11. 91 sitting in the Prophet’s Mosque after the maghrib prayer. Since that date I regularly translated a few ‘âyahs each day, mostly at the Prophet’s Mosque between the maghrib and ‘isha’ prayers. In this way the first draft of the work was completed on 8. 10. 1996, a few months after my retirement from Madina. During this first phase of the work In made only the translation, making it follow as closely as possible the sequence of the Arabic text in respect of syntax and order of words and phrases in the ‘ayah. Thus completing the first draft I modified and expanded the plan and started revising the translation, adding word meanings and explanatory notes, wherever necessary, and grammatical hints, typesetting these on the computer. In this second phase it was a sustained and full-time work, devoting on an average six to seven hours a day continually for a little over six years since 1996. As already mentioned, the first part of this work consisting of sûrahs al-Fâtihah and al-Baqarah was published in early 1998. Four other parts appeared in succession till March 2001. By the mercy of Allah the completed work is now ready for publication. By or cellsten cims Silv Throughout this long and sustained work my wife, Rosy, and sons, Monu (Abû Muntaşir), Ma’ruf and Manşûr, have constantly helped and encouraged me. A number of friends and readers have also helped and encouraged me in various ways. I am grateful to all of them. Above all, it is Allah’s help and support that has enabled me to continue and complete this work despite my serious ailment and ill health. May He accept this humble effort; and peace and blessings of Allah be on His Prophet Muḥammad, his family and followers. al

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baster M. M. Ali

nasi ban due goals, des in London, 5 February 2003

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Word For Word Meaning Of The Quran


Vol1: Read / Download
Vol2: Read / Download
​Vol3: Read / Download


Word-for-word translation compiled by Maktabah Dar us Salam
Vol1: Read / Download
Vol2: Read / Download
​Vol3: Read / Download


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